Decisions, decisions, decisions

  1. Ack! I cannot decide which GH hobo I need, yes I said need. I dont have a summer bag and this seems to fit the bill! I am deciding between vert gazon GH or white GH. Which should I choose, I am so confused, in an ideal world Id by both but in this world if I did I would be broke bigtime :sad:.

    Vert gazon:

    pros- dark colour wont get dirty, have loved it since I saw the day on Kaite Holmes

    cons- In winter it would not go with my favourite apple green coat


    pros- brilliant summer colour, would go with lots of clothes

    cons- gets dirty easily and Im not that careful of a teenager

    People please, please, please help me I am so confused. Also if anyone had any modeling pics and they are 5ft5 or over please share them or if they have tried them tell me how it hangs! Also is it that roomy?

    Thanks :heart:
  2. I vote for the VG GH! I LOVE it!! White is very pretty, but the VG is a real show stopper!! Good luck!!:yes:
  3. Also I already own a tabacco chloe paddy and a blueberry courier - any other opinions?
  4. Both would be great but I would pick the White because if you would just spray AG on it a few times it will definitely help keep it clean. Just look at Powderpuffs white bags and she told me that's all she does and then if it gets dirty you can just wipe it off.
  5. Yeah I thought of that MRG but I really dont like to treat my leather bags therefore if I bought white it would end up dirty!
  6. vert gazon!! it gorgeous :woohoo:
  7. My vote goes to VG. I can totally relate to your concern about getting a white bag dirty. I'm one of those who really can't have white bags. I love white bags but I wear my bags a lot and don't want to worry about them getting dirty all the time. So personally I would not enjoy a white bag as much as a darker one since I would worry constantly about it - and IMO that takes some of the fun out of having a new bag.
    Good luck with your decision. Either one is gorgeous so stylewise you can't go wrong;)
  8. Thanks ladies you are very helpful! I really like the white but it wont go with much however it is soooooo pretty! Keep the opinions coming! x
  9. White For Me
  10. Lightblue84 - why?
  11. any more opinions?
  12. I have a vert gazon with RH its goes with everything I wear, I have people stop me everywhere I go to ask about my bag. Gh hardwear would look beautiful on the vert gazon, its a must
  13. Thanks marie1ollie I think I want the VG now, I am so confused!
  14. Yeah go for the Vert Gazon England needs one;)
  15. my vote goes to the VG! good luck