Decisions, decisions, decisions... POLL TIME!


Which colour step?

  1. Black

  2. Plomb

  3. Tabac

  4. Ivory

  5. Violet

  6. Jaune

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey all

    So I after selling all of my bags at the beginning of this year, I have again decided to get back in the Balenciaga game... and I have decided to go with the Step!

    The only problem is picking a colour!

    I have a choice between Black, Plomb, Tabac, Ivory, Violet and Jaune.

    I have lots of blacks, blues and greys in my wardrobe.

    I dont know if getting a black bag is enough for me, I think I want some colour - but no idea what!

    Lifes so hard sometimes :p
  2. Today I wore anthra-colored jeans and tank and a grey sweatshirt - with :heart:VIOLET First:heart: She was a great pop of color!
  3. shoot...i meant to vote Violet and clicked on Jaune by mistake...ahhhh...sorry to mess up your poll!
  4. Hehe no worries ;)

    I have been considering Violet... It's a gorgeous colour!
  5. Enough of the Vio and Jaune already. :wacko:

    Get the Ivory in a Step, the contrast pops like nobody's business.

    (Just got an Ivory Day and totally dig the ability to wear it with anything, anytime.)
  6. True - but I am a clutz :shame: and I think theres a good chance I would ruin that lovely very light, Ivory leather!
  7. Since this is going to be your everyday bag, my vote goes to Plomb.

    I love the cool, silverish charcoal gray!!! But if you want something bright, I'd say the Violet:yes:
  8. No, I think Violet will be a color you won`t get tired of.
    And it goes with everything and in the summer you will be able to wear it
    with whites....and flowery patterns or black...I love violet.:yahoo:
  9. Colorful? Fashion, you must get the violet! It's gorgeous, you will love it, especially great choice with your wardrobe.
  10. Yikes! Okay, go with a darker color. I took my Ivory Day out for a spin today and low and behold - color transfer (albeit, minimal). Good thing Apple Guarde was there, otherwise it would have been much worse, I'm sure.

    Kill me now. :hysteric:
  11. Which color step?....One of each, please!:p
  12. I have a plomb SGH day and I :heart: it!!!! Definitely not black,but grey - which I like. It goes with everything. I like that doesn't show the oops I make way too often as a mom of 5. I adore the Ivory, but it would only look like Ivory for a week- 2 at the most. Violet would be great if you are looking for a brighter color. I don't know if I see Tabac and Juane with the colors you say you wear. I'm thinking you aren't sold on black yourself. So yep, my vote is the hot,happening grey color of the season- plomb!!!!

    I'll be excited to see how you like the step. Please post pictures when you get her and good luck with your decision!!!
  13. Thats EXACTLY what I'm scared of!!

    Glad your bag is OK... :tup:
  14. I vote for the violet....gorgeous color that sounds like it would go perfect with your wardrobe!
  15. That would be nice now wouldnt it... :girlsigh: