Decisions, decisions... deal on a new Mono speedy or ???

  1. So! I'm shopping for a Speedy 30.
    I think I want the Damier, but I also like the Mono. Both are nice.

    I have the chance to get a used one (but still technically new) NOW for $400 or should I wait to get a Damier for a deal or buy one for retail if I can't find a deal on it...

    What would you do?????
    PLEASE HELP!:nuts:
  2. It depends on how much you like each one. If you really like the damier and know your life won't be complete without it or if you think you will be constantly thinkign about it if you get the mono then I would hold out for the damier or buy it for retail.

    However, if you like the mono too and are fine with the vachetta, I would just get the mono. Personally, I prefer the mono.
  3. I would get the Mono. If you can get an almost new authentic for $400, that is a STEAL!!
  4. I like them both... right now I think I'm leaning more toward the Damier. The deal on the mono is so difficult to pass up!! UGH! LOL
  5. OH NO- what if I continue to dream about the Damier!! LOL I won't the funds for another for a while. Plus, I don't suppose I will want one of each. One is good for me.
  6. Is $400 really that good of a deal???
  7. 400 is great!

    If it looks like new, some sellers sell the actualy retail price which has an additional 200. I would get the Mono.
  8. It's a good deal to me if the bag is 95% brand new, come with storage box, dustbag (maybe sometimes receipt as well). I say $200 less is a damn good deal. That's like more than 30% off.
  9. Go for the mono!!! I like it a lot more than damier.
  10. It's less then one year old. In excellent condition... no dust cover, unless she can find it, no box or receipt :sad:
  11. i would get the mono, but first have it is a great price
  12. Well, here's the news....
    Rebecca (on the authentication thread) just confirmed that it ISN'T real!!
    Wow! I was blind sided by it.
    Well, thank you so much for all of your help.
    I think from this I will learn my lesson and get my Damier.... straight from the boutique. It's worth the extra money.
    Thanks again, everyone:flowers:

    "If it's too good to be true..."
  13. go for damier!
  14. get the Damier... sometimes thoe deals are too good to be true. Sorry it didn't work out, but I know you'll love the Damier!!
  15. between damier and mono, i'do go for mono, but between mono and azur, i might for the azur.. anyway, my opinion is that ALWAYS get things like this (high-end stuff i'd say?) at the boutique or u know.. HR or Saks whatever, DON'T get it from eBay. i know some might be real and stuff, but seriously.. if you're gonna pay a few hundreds to a few thousands worth of stuff, you should always hand-pick it from the official boutique. well that's my take on it. please don't be offended if any of what i'm saying is offensive.