Decisions, decisions...All I know is I'm hooked

  1. Hello everyone-

    I'm new to PF. Been looking around for a new bag and came across the Paddy and well, it was love at first sight. That was the easy part. Color? Chocolate, whiskey, cream....I just can't decide. Any advice for a first timer? The cream is so luxurious looking and so pretty for winter, but I'm worried it may get dirty. I plan to carry this as an every day bag.

    One question, I'm a little confused about sizes. Is the medium size the one that's 7.5" tall? I think that's the one I want.

    I've been doing a lot of research to spot fakes, but am by no means an expert. Can any of you tell me if these are fakes?

    eBay: AUTH CHLOE PADDINGTON BAG CREME AUTUMN 06 HANDBAG MPRS (item 270041117594 end time Oct-26-06 13:17:16 PDT)

    eBay: 05/06 MOST WANTED Chloe Paddington Hangbag---Whisky (item 270031552473 end time Oct-27-06 08:30:00 PDT)

    Thanks so much! I'm so excited to get my first Paddy!!!!
  2. Welcome Heather!

    The medium satchel is a fairly large bag, very roomy for everyday wear.
    Be warned: it's pretty heavy, over 3 lbs empty.

    But it fits (my) shoulders perfectly. So the weight isn't often an issue for me.

    I think the whiskey color is so rich and pretty and quite versitile.

    The blanc is amazing, but if you are worried about it getting dirty, go for a more neutral color for your first one.

    If you post those links in the Auth This thread you'll prolly get more responses on them :flowers:
  3. Hi Heather and welcome!! :heart:

    I completely understand where your coming from! Falling in-love is easy, choosing a color is hard!! :yes:

    I think whiskey is especially lovely for autumn! Such an attractive color that really makes your outfits “pop”! Chocolate is so rich with beautiful burgundy undertones! Definitely not your average brown! Plus, you'll have to worry less about it getting dirty! But if I had to pick my absolute favorite based solely on looks, I'd definitely be one of Chloe's white/cream shades! :love: It's great for casual day and dressed-up evening. Plus, IMO the paddington just looks best in white!

    I haven't noticed my craie pick up any dirt at all. I really baby her... :blush: Even though I don't use her everyday she's definitely my most used bag! :shame:

    Do you plan on babying your bag? Do you already have a bunch of brown or white bags? :confused1:

    If you need any bags authenticated post them under the Authenticate Chloe thread here:

    HTH!! :flowers:
  4. Hi Heather! Whatever color you decide, you will :heart: it so much that you'll be going back for more!:love: I think for your first one based on your concerns, Chocolate or Whiskey will be perfect. There was a previous thread by LordGuinny who was planning to keep one paddy, between the Choco & Whiskey. I believe choco got the most votes.
    You can read the thread:

    The medium satchel is the most popular and perfect for everyday. You can go to the link below and view everyones beautiful paddingtons in the reference library. Good luck & keep us updated on the hunt for your 1st paddington!:yes:
  5. Agree with Audrey! The most stunning colors are the "whites" :yes: Check out the All About Paddington thread and you can see some of the different whites out there: craie, sable, blanc.

    The current whites are blanc, creme (more of a pale beige), and the new mastic (looks like marshmallow creme to me!!).