decisions, decisions . . . advice?

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  1. so once again, i'm in a quandary . . . . trying to decide between 3 pairs of CLs . . . :love:

    option 1: wine/red patent rolando
    option 2: nude patent VP
    option 3: blue patent tiger VP

  2. nude patent VP, it's quite HTF. but if you already have a pair of nudes the the wine rolando
  3. Depends what you're looking for - if it's more of an every day wearable shoe then nude patent VP, if it's a big wow factor shoe then wine patent Rolando :love:
  4. As your same order, this is my vote, in descending preference:

    >>> wine/red patent Rolando
    >> nude patent VP
    > blue patent tiger VP

    Subconsciously, you might be already stuck in this order, since you listed it this way... ;)
  5. Nude Patent VP.
  6. My vote is:

    1) Wine Patent Rolando
    2) Nude Patent VP
    3) Blue Tiger VP

    Mainly becaue I love how the rolandos look in everyone's pictues.
  7. wow you ladies are fast! hmmm looks like we can eliminate the blue tiger vps for sure . . . now the question is, rolando, vp or both??? omg. i'm such a CL addict :nuts:
  8. BOTH! They are both so different and so versatile!
  9. if you can actually swing both COMFORTABLY then do both. otherwise pick one and get the other later.
  10. I love the red patent Rolando and it's a shoe that you can wear year round whereas the VP you can only wear in the spring/summer months.
  11. Based on what i have seen of your personal style so far, the Wine Patent Rolando is one you would rock!!!!
  12. NUDE VP all the way!!

    or the wine and nude ;)
  13. BOTH!! if you can only get one, nude patent VP and then red rolando
  14. OOOOOohhhhhhh BOTH!!! the nude VP and red rolandos!! theyre BOTH soo hot and great shoes!! sorry to be a bad influence but id do what i could do get both!!
  15. Both if you can get them. If not, go for the Rolando. It is such a beautiful shoe and is super sexy.