Decisions, decisions (6-Key Holder vs. Cles)

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  1. #1 Jun 16, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2016
    Help my fellow LV loving TPFers!

    I'm looking to grab either the 6-Key holder or the Key Cles this weekend. I would use either to hold an RFID badge and 2 regular keys for my office. Currently I have them hooked together and they're floating in my zippy organizer but it's sort of putting a dent in the wallet [emoji33]

    I'm really just looking for something I can easily reach into my bag and grab on my way into the office everyday and I think either would fit the bill. My husband recommends the Cles as I could also use it to hold my license and debit card when I run out for lunch, etc.

    If you have either (or both) let me know your thoughts! Regarding colors I'm thinking classic monogram canvas because whichever one I get will definitely be a workhorse (and probably get a little beat up haha.)
  2. I have both. class is more versatile, but i would go for the 6 key for the purpose of holding keys.
  3. Thanks! I do think the 6-key holder is so cute and different.
  4. I was in the same boat and I decided a 6 key holder. With the cles if you put your keys inside you cant really store cards in there as well. I really wanted to protect contents of my bag from keys so I decided on holder over the cles as I can slide a few cards in the back and not compromise key space.
  5. I chose mine for the same reason ... I wanted to protect my stuff from the keys. I think that purpose is better achieved with the key holder rather than the cles.

    Maybe I am just picky, but I think it's easier to slide a card or cash in the back of the key holder rather than in the cles. The cles gets full easily and then bulges.
  6. It depends on what you will use it for. I have both, and use them for different purposes. The cles is unbeatable for corralling very small items such as hair ties and coins. You could get the round coin purse instead, but with the round coin purse you don't have the clip to attach to the d-ring or use as a bag charm. But to carry keys, for me, the 6-key holder wins out. It is so easy to take keys off - flip them all over the little metal bar, slide the bar out, remove the keys you want to remove, then slide the bar back in and flip the keys over. It's an ingenious design. And you can slide a credit card into the slot. If value is weighed by frequency of use, this is by far the best LV purchase I've ever made.
  7. Wow that is quite the endorsement! Do you think that I could fit 2-3 cards in the slip pocket? I do like the idea of throwing my ID and debit card on there for quick errands (grabbing lunch or something from the drug store).
  8. [​IMG]

    FYI these are the two items I'm looking to store in either the Cles or Key Holder
  9. I have both (6 key holder in mono and DE cles), and while each are very useful, I think the cles would be best for your particular situation. You could attach the 2 keys on the clip and put your access card (and ID/credit card when needed) in the zippered part - your "work grab-and-go Louis."

    Why have a 6 key holder for only 2 keys? With that said, if you intend to also have car keys, house keys, etc. attached as well I'd say go with the key holder. It's hard to go wrong with either...good luck deciding!
  10. This is a good thread - I have been trying to decide between the 2 myself.
    I agree that in your case the cles sounds like the better choice.
    In my case - it would be for all of my keys (2 home, 2 work, mailbox & car). However, I know for sure that my car key sticks out of the end of the 6 key holder - which really bums me out because I like it better. I may still get it anyway for my other keys & just do something else with the car key.
  11. Thanks for the I put ChicagoJess! I was watching a YouTube review on the key holder (by minks4all) and her car key fob also pokes out a bit from the bottom but it doesn't look too bad in my opinion. I guess it would depend on how far it stuck out and obviously your own personal preferences [emoji4]
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  12. Just an update/clarification for all...if I DID purchase the 6 key holder I would probably put my home/mail keys and door fob in there so I didn't have 4 completely empty slots haha.

    I do have a ton of those "loyalty key tags" on my personal keys at the moment. Since I actually DO use all of them pretty regularly (library card, gym, grocery store, etc.) Im a little hesitant about having them anywhere else [emoji53] Any suggestions?
  13. I had trouble making this decision too and ended up buying the Cles first and the 6 key holder a couple of weeks later :smile: I love and use them both.

    After a week of using the Cles the chain where my keys were hanging off started to annoy me, I found the chain a bit too long and I couldn't fit my keys in the pouch. After much thought I decided to buy a 6 key holder as well and I absolutely love it. I put the keys I don't use as often on my Cles and have filled it with loyalty cards etc. and the keys I use every day I have on my 6 key holder. My car key has a large fob so I usually leave it hanging out of the key holder but that doesn't bother me, I could close it but I don't want to damage it so I just leave it hanging out. I bought both my Cles and my 6 key holder in mono.

    To be honest I don't find either option to be "perfect" for me for keys and/or cards which is why I bought both :smile: Good luck deciding, please keep us updated.
  14. Thanks aussiemel! I think I'll go into the store today and give both a trail run (I'm gonna bring my sis for "backup" LOL!)

    I do think that it might be worth while to have both in my collection. At the moment, if I get the key holder, I can't think of what I'd use the Cles for [emoji53] All my loyalty cards are of the "small key tag" variety and my Beats headphones come with their own storage pouch. I'm interesting in buying an actual wallet to use as a mini wallet for smaller bags (leaning toward the Victorine at the moment...). The Cles is just so cute I'm sure I'd find SOMETHING to do with it [emoji16]
  15. Sometimes it's just nice to buy something we want even when we don't really need it :smile: Good luck deciding today, let us know how you go :smile:
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