Decisions: Black Epi Segur PM or Jasmin?

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Which Black Epi Segur or Jasmin

  1. Segur

  2. Jasmin

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Just when I thought I had made up my mind this comes up! UHG!



    I desperately need a black hand held bag and I can't wait any longer :P
  2. I like the Jasmin, tried out the Segur along with the matching Koala wallet and for someone with long nails it was really hard to get it opened so I returned them both. I wish they had made the locking mechanism the same as they made in the Monogram Koala's they are much easier to open.
  3. Ha!!! I was faced with the same decision in the store. I sat there with one in each hand modeling them in front of the mirror. I ultimately chose the jasmin as one of the femal SA's pointed out to me that the Segur has holes near the top and makeup (especially lipstick) tends to fall out. Also, my SA said that the buckles are often not as convenient as the zipper. I've had my Jasmin for a month now, and I love it.:love:
  4. this is tough... i like both but i voted for the jasmin! i have heard of the epi line hardware issue (peeling) and that's why i voted for the jasmin.
  5. I love both...but get the Jasmin first!
  6. Jasmin is so elegant and simple.
  7. They are both gorgeous. I vote for the Segur as it is less common, and I like the hardware.
  8. Jasmin - more classic especially in black.
  9. Jasmin!
  10. i prefer the Jasmin. it's such a simple yet elegant shape :love:
  11. jasmin! its such a lovely shape