Decisions again.... which color???

  1. I spotted this bag it:

    OR do I go for the Turquoise for spring? I am afraid the green will disappear, but it is the same $ as new...what to do??? NM did not have any more of these...

    I am obsessed with these bags now :sweatdrop:

    I must stay off here for a few weeks LOL
  2. Vert Gazon is a gorgeous color, no doubt about it, but when I saw the swatch of the leather at BalNY of Turquoise, I was so in love I had to waitlist myself for a makeup clutch (I don't really go for super bright bags but the color was so gorgeous, I decided I needed *something* in it). I don't feel that same desire for Vert Gazon. I personally would wait, but it all depends on your wardrobe and what you will love/wear more.
  3. i've seen vert gazon IRL and it looked very flat to me... i wasnt into it at all. i would wait til turq comes out and then decide.. i'm sure you'll be able to find a VG... i've seen quite a few pop up here and there. i dont think it's that difficult tofind
  4. Vert gazon was one of those colors that looked bright and poppy in picture, and it's actually darker in person, at least the two I saw IRL. Either way it's a beautiful green. Though you might just be able to find one on eBay sometime in the future. I would wait 'til the turq comes out and then go from there. Vert gazon IMHO isn't one of those colors that are too difficult to get ahold of even after the season's over.
  5. thanks everyone! I will just wait for the turquoise!
  6. I think I would wait for turquoise but I am not a big fan of VG.
  7. Well, if you were 100% in love with VG, you would buy it instantly and wouldn't post a thread about it... So maybe it's best to wait for the new turq! :yes:
  8. I think you should wait for the turquoise as well, it is a stunning color unless you really love the VG.
  9. I should wait for the Turquoise so you can make an informed decision! Also- Turquoise would probably be easier to match with your clothes than VG...