Aug 3, 2012
Ok so I am trying to decide what to do. I think I might sell one of my chanel bags.

The bags-
A black satin weave ribbon evening bag with a gold chain. I could use this for formal events.

A red 2.55 double flap vintage bag. I cannot use it in it's condition because the edges are dinged up pretty badly. I would need to repair it to feel comfortable using it.

SO the choice is- sell the evening bag to repair the 2.55 with proceeds. Or sell the 2.55 and keep the bag in better condition?

What would you do??


Mar 10, 2009
My bags are my babies and one of the hardest things for me to do is choose which one I love more or which one I need to get rid of. I would try to fix my 2.55 without having to sell the other one, but if I had no option I would sell the evening bag to fix the 2.55. Ultimately, it is your decison, think it through and if you can´t make up your mind maybe it´s a sign you should keep both :graucho:
Sorry for not being of much help :sad: