1. Opinions please. I am going to purchase my first LV and I think I want the Speedy - can't decide between the 25 or 30 and do you think I should get the MC or the damier? Thanks
  2. damier is very classy and understated while the multicolore is fun and wild
    if you get the MC it only comes in 30
  3. Hello, there! :smile: I think you should prob try it on first to see what size looks best against your frame. The 30 seems to sag a bit, but you can use a Purseket or put board in the bottom to fix that. For your first LV, a mono would be classic, but personally I prefer the Damier because no worries about Vachetta. lol
  4. If you're going to get the mc it only comes in the 30 and its a heavy bag. Damier is nice with no worries about weather :smile: and looks great in both the 25 and 30. I say the Damier in the 25 :yes: (depending on how much you carry and your height)
  5. Damier, not sure what size.
  6. It is good to try them both on.

    I have a mono 25 and 30 and love them both. The 30 is more practical on a day to day basis, but the 25 is nice for going out or days when I'm only carrying the bare minimum.
    I started out loving the 25 and never using my 30, and now I use my 30 much more than the 25...
  7. I have a 25 and surprisingly it holds a ton. I love it.
  8. Damier 25 or 30 depending on your frame.
  9. I :heart: the damier line, a 25 or 30, really just depends on your preference. You should go to LV and try them both infront of the mirror. Goodluck!
  10. If it's your first LV I would suggest the mono speedy, but if you are deciding between damier and MC I'd go with Damier. It's a lot more understated than the MC so good for a first purchase.

    Try on the different sizes or look at the photo section of this LV subforum to decide what looks best on you. You can't go wrong with the 25; it really does hold a ton.

    Have fun choosing and please post pictures! :heart:
  11. i think you should get a 25 Speedy Damier - its SO cute!
  12. Another damier vote here. Great way to try the speedy style out. You need to try on the different sizes. I'm a 30 person myself.
  13. :heart:

    i totally agree!
    i've been using my MC speedy for a while and it IS heavy! and it is pretty roomy, so i stuff it --- and sometimes i don't even know what's on the bottom of it!

    but it is a HAPPY looking bag! it is so cute!

    so i keep going back to my cerises speedy.....the size is 25 but it holds so much and you can somewhat control what you put in it. :P i have damier papillon and it holds almost as much as speedy 25....and i can carry it even it starts to rain when i'm at work or malls (haha - they are the only places i'm at other than our house lately!)