decision!white jumbo or medium flap or baby cabas?

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Which one should I buy now?

  1. White medium flap

  2. White jumbo flap

  3. baby cabas in any color

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I really really want baby cabas in white since the pics of her appeared in the Chanel forum..
    However, i kept buying other things and havent put my name on the waitlist!(stupid me!)

    when im going to call BG, i read a thread about another increasing price for classic flap in april 1!!!!!argh!!

    so, im confused..coz i really want either jumbo or medium flap!

    what do u guys think?which one should I get first?

    oh..and how much are the medium and jumbo flap now?
    im getting confused because of the increasing price on and on..>.<'

    and it's better in lambskin or caviar for white?
  2. i'm biased, so i'll answer the baby cabas LOL
  3. I would go for the classic flap first if there's going to be another price increase! :yes: ;)

    The medium caviar classic flap is $1,995 and the jumbo is $2,250.

    For white, I would definitely go for the caviar! Caviar is so much less maintenance for a white bag... :yes:

    Good luck with your decision!!!
  4. ^ i saw ur gorgeous baby cabas seahorseinstripes!!

    i know sharbear, but since cabas considers as seasonal, im afraid if i wait too long, it would discontinued..
    and i can use it for school...

    anyway, im 19 and quite small, just 5'1..would jumbo look too big for me? so confused...

    looks like everyone love jumbo so much!LOL
  5. I would go for the medium caviar classic flap ! Jumbo is to big.
  6. If you're a student, then I'd go for the cabas...I think you'd get more use out of it based on your current lifestyle... :yes:

    You can definitely wait to get your first classic flap later...don't worry about the price increases!! If you do decide to get a classic flap, the medium would look FAB on you based on your size!! :nuts: :yes: The jumbo IMO would be too big on you...

    Good luck!!!!!!
  7. Go for the medium flap, I think the jumbo size will be a bit big...but is up to you on the size matter. Personally, I love the lambskin over the caviar. Good luck with your decision, actually all of them will look good.:p
  8. i vote for baby cabas or medium flap. :yes: The cabas is a really functional everyday bag! And i love it.. :love: the medium flap would be good for dress up or down :yes:
  9. I voted for the white jumbo flap, because I LOVE mine!

    I agree with the recommendations to choose caviar leather--it's so much more resilient.
  10. I voted for the medium flap in caviar leather!
    You sound like you would prefer a flap to the cabas.
  11. ^i dunno sammiekat..

    it's 50/50.hehe...
    i want both...but, limited money.LOL!

    i've been craved for cabas for longgg time!but the increasing price surprise me!anyone know, how much the medium and jumbo would be after april 1?
    if it's just about 100, ill get cabas instead..
    but im sure it wont be that little:crybaby:
  12. since the cabas is considered seasonal and it seems like you really want one... i would get that one first. you can ALWAYS get a flap later even it's a couple hundred more expensive than buying one today. you can't buy a cabas no matter how much money you have if it is discontinued. (well, not new at least.)

    plus, since you're 19, i would get the cabas. IMO the cabas is more youthful and more appropriate. i maybe bias though... i never liked the flap.

    if you're going to get a flap, i think the leather depends on the purpose of the bag. the lambskin looks more luxurious and formal. the caviar looks more casual but def easier to maintain than the lambskin. you would have to baby the lambskin esp if it's white. anyway, good luck with your decision!
  13. they all are gorgeous... however, I am not a fan of white bag because they are hard to take care of. so I picked the smallest one possible. the smaller the surface area is the less thing to worry about.
  14. Me too. I vote for a baby cabas :smile: . I ever think to buy a classic flap to but love tote style more. Maybe one day in da nearly future I would go for a flap bag :graucho:
  15. yayyy get the cabas :dothewave:
    IMO is, get the seasonal first then the classic.
    the classic will always be around but not this baby ;)

    and i think it would be a great school bag.
    it doesn't stand out and screaming designers :yes:
    i wouldn't want to carry a bag that's too loud for school