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  1. The recent threads about guilt and how much is too much have led me to reevaluate my collection. I just went through all of my bags deciding what purpose they serve and find that there probably are duplicates (not the same bag, but serve the same purpose). So I am going to try to be strong and purge, especially with ones that can be returned. First decision - Large Copper Zoe or Cinnamon Hippie. They are both large bags and similar in color. Both are unused with tags so could be returned. I like the little bit of glitz that the Zoe has, but also worry about the wear issues I have read about. The Hippie has the advantage of crossbody. Opinions welcome, especially from owners of either or both bags. How well do they hold up, how often do you wear them, how versatile, etc. Thanks.
  2. I personally like the finish/look of the Hippie better.
  3. I love zoe but since the copper has had issues return it.. I have the platinum zoe and have had no problems.
  4. Zoe would be easier to get your hands on later, if you change your mind. Keep the hippie!
  5. I have the large copper Zoe with her tags still on and sadly have decided I'm probably going to return her. The metallic flaking issues have scared me and I can just feel how delicate it is. I also decided I really didn't need another Zoe and when I want to use something kind of metallic I'll probably reach for my metallic maggie or rose gold ali first anyway. I already own several Zoes and do love them tons cuz they hold so much and slouch perfectly, but I say keep the Cinnamon Hippie and take back the Copper Zoe. I haven't seen the hippie irl but it looks great and seems to be a pretty sought after bag, so I'm thinking there must be a very good reason! :smile:
  6. i own both- and i LOVE my hippie!!!
    keep the hippie!
    it'll be really hard to find later if you change your mind!
    copper zoes are all over ebay!
  7. I would return the Zoe and keep the Hippie.
  8. Thanks ladies. I had been thinking that the Hippie was the better choice and you have confirmed that. Ok, Zoe joins Gold Ikat Sabrina, and gray Madison shoulder bag in the return bag. While I think the Sabrina is lovely, I don't think I will carry it enough to justify it and just found a small Cranberry Sabrina. While I like the large size better, I will probably get more use out of the Cranberry color. The gray shoulder bag lost out to a Petrol Zoe. Since I also have a gray Kira and just picked up a gray Kristin flap i just don't need that many gray bags.
  9. The also vote for the hippie. I think the copper color is too much on the zoe.

    I have the same problem w/gray bags i'm up to 5, but I keep finding ones I like....
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