Decision Time!!!

  1. First, I have to apologize to Audrey for 'borrowing' your picture. I hope you don't mind. :heart:

    Here's my dilemma: I've been lusting for the "dragon" bag for a while now, but I've spent too much time on Audrey's thread that has her Gauffre pics. First, does anyone HAVE this particular "dragon" bag? If so, can I get some feedback on it, especially the size? TIA.

    To everyone else, if you could only get one of these bags, which would you get?

  2. I would get the Gauffre because I don't like the look of so much gold hardware on the Dragon bag. Good luck deciding!
  3. I love the dragon bag. I know the other bag is popular and I haven't seen either IRL...but there's just something about the dragon that I love. :shrugs:
  4. Gauffre. The gold really throws me off guard on this one.
  5. Oh gee.....just get both!!!!!!!!!!:angel:

  6. Just got back from NM..I saw a black bowler with the SAME chain and detail as the dragon bag..SO HOT!!!!!! Its in the circular in the NM BOOK TOO...I love that bag!
  7. Number two is smashing.
  8. PS- I have the #2 bag and totally LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!!!!:heart: EVEN PHH likes it..that says it ALL...LMAO!
  9. The gauffre, IMO. Although I do like the other bag too -- the gauffre is just different.
  10. I haven't felt the dragon bag. But on the feel alone, the gauffre has such incredibly soft, squishy leather. It is really fantastic!
  11. I'd go for the second one. I don't like the chain hanging out for #1 for some reason.
  12. I saw the black bowler with the chain Jill mentioned - although it is "HOT" I couldn't justify the price $1890 when its essentially a prada bowling bag with gold hardware. :shrugs: More importantly, I think that the gauffre bag will have more longevity - next year it won't look dated whereas the gold hardware on the brown and black bags may be over. However, if $$ is no object, get the bag you want the most! :flowers:
  13. number two... saw it last Sunday... so lovely...
  14. #1 Bag IS AVAILABLE on are authentic dealers..I have used them before..I saw a black one there and LOVED IT!
  15. Yeah I saw it on Styledrops too, Jill. Nothing personal to anyone that has it, but BLECH! :yucky: It's largely the brown leather that makes it pretty, to me anyway. In black, it looks like just another bag. I also have a thing about black bags. Somehow I equate black bags (except evening clutches) with old ladies: think Aunt Bea on Andy Griffith.

    I so would like to see the brown in IRL or talk to someone that's seen it. I'm curious about the measurements and the lining. I'm hoping (probably in vain) that it's leather lined but considering the even MORE expensive ones are logo fabric lined, I figure that's what this one has. :shrugs: