Decision time...


What to do...?

  1. Wait for Anis.

  2. Get the Rouge Vif NOW!

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  1. Ok, well... I've been waiting for an Anis twiggy or city to come to me for sooo long, but something is always goes wrong, either I just spent the money (doh!) or the condition wasn't that great or it was out of my price range.

    so right now... I have NO bbags. :wtf: I shipped the last one today. I have that black city that mimz :heart: helped me to find on it's way, but as soon as it arrives, it is off to ArtBag to be repaired and will be gone 3 loooong weeks. so we are looking at potentially another month or more with no bbags in the mocean household. What should I do guys... AR will be getting the rouge vif city in really soon and I am very interested in that... but I also have that burning desire for Anis. What should I do...? :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:

    Should I give in and admit Anis is not going to love me back, and get the red city? Or should I continue to pine for Anis and just use my 4-pocket bag for the time being? I feel like if I dont get a red city as soon as AR gets them, they will be gone. and I wont have another chance to get one unless I find it on eBay, so I'll be on the same thing as my Anis fixation... HELP!
  2. go get the rouge mocean to keep you company while waiting for your dream bag!
  3. "Anis fixation" just sounds sort of funny, no?

    I say you should get the rouge and when the anis comes your way (and it will), you sell the rouge. You may not (or you may because all the rouges have looked so nice) be able to recover your investment but I am sure you will be able to get at least 80% of the purchase price.
  4. hey ya, mocean
    to be quite honest i would wait! :graucho: why??? because i know you'll get your DREAM bag in the end!!! i waited 7 months for my DREAM bag and I've finally got it!!! I have TONS of opportunities to BUY it but the price (like u) has been out of reach!!! i think you should still HANG out for it!!!! :wlae: GO THE ANIS!!!!! good luck on what you decide! ***hugs***
  5. ^ i agree.. wait for her!!
  6. *faints in a little puddle* I dont know what to do... :idea: I wish *wishes* an Anis would appear right now!
    *looks around*

    nothing... :girlsigh:
  7. I'd say get the rouge vif because you don't know if and when the Anis is crossing your way and you might end up with none so the rouge is a safe bet.
  8. yeah waiting totally BITES, but it totally worth it at the end of the day... and getting distracted by other b-bags is PAINFUL!!!! SO PAINFUL... ***hugs*** i'll wait with you... i dont mind waiting...
  9. You should wait mocean :yes: . Keep the money for your dream bag!!
  10. i would wait for anis!!! it's such a great colour!
  11. i would also wait for the will eventually show up. :yes:

    what happened to your ink and marron cities?
  12. aarrrghhhh mocean, I totally understand the dillemma! That's really hard, I don't even know what to tell you... I had the anis once and it is just gorgeous, amazing supple smooshy soft leather. I would tell you to wait for it, but it just doesn't seem to show up as often as others :sad: That said, I do love the rouge vif, and getting one in the city is divine! I think the question should be, if you already have the anis & that black city, are you still going to want the rouge vif city? Or is the rouge vif city something you just want for instant gratification, to have a balenciaga right now? If it's the first one, then go get your rouge vif city! Otherwise, you should wait for the anis :yes:
  13. Don't settle!!! I say wait for the bag of your dreams... :love:
  14. I agree! Wait for your dream bag....later on when you finally get her the reward will be that much more sweet.;)
  15. Patience is a virtue... :angel: