decision time.

  1. i'm fifteen, i'm a guy, and yes i will be buying a Gucci tote.


    love it? hate it?
    beige or the black one? it's on sale at
    the Gucci store in the Philippines for
    P23,500 = $500-510

    thought? suggestions on other totes?

  2. hmmm...i like it!

    and i'm male!

    but i dont loveee shopping bag looking

    buy it! if you like it!

    because it will not look bad on a male or female~!

  3. Oh and i love the

    you too? lol
  4. Ahh it doesn't matter who you are, if you like it, buy it! I like the black one =)
  5. i :heart: it. I want one for travel and plane rides. i've never purchased black gucci canvas, so i guess i'll go with the beige. But both look nice!!!
  6. You are a young guy - You can have both - bay which you like best :yes:

    I like the black !
  7. i think you should get the black one
  8. I'd get the brown one.

    (I'm a straight guy)
  9. I like the brown.
  10. 3 beige votes and 5 black votes. will be having half-day tomorrow. wish me luck.
  11. when you see them, then bay what you like most - and send us pic of your new bag:yahoo:
  12. They are both nice, but for me, I prefer the black. Can't wait to see which one you decide!
  13. I vote beige.
  14. HMM, I like black.
  15. I like both. You can't go wrong with either one.