Decision Time!


Which Balenciaga should I bid on?

  1. Pewter Metallic Weekender

  2. Red/White Tweed City

  3. Argent (Silver) City

  4. Bordeaux Twiggy

  5. Magenta Twiggy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. This is driving me nuts ... there are so many wonderful :heart: bags on eBay right now ... help me decide!
    1. Pewter Weekender (there are two up on eBay right now); this is rare color - and as a Weekender - WOW!
    2. Red/White Tweed Twiggy - RED is my favorite color, and while I have the 2005 Rouge City, this is such a unique bag!
    3. Argent (Silver) City - Cougess, love this bag! I usually tend towards the 'warmer' metallics (Pink, Red, etc.) - I've been toying with a 'cooler' color (especially since I got the Chloe Silver mocassins!).
    4. Bordeaux Twiggy - I don't have any Twiggy's in my collection, and I just love the Bordeaux color.
    5. Magenta Twiggy - same as above (no Twiggy's in my collection), I really love this color ... but is it too close to my Magenta Metallic City?
  2. Well, I know you've been wanting Bordeaux for a while, so I woud say--Bordeaux. But, I do have to add that Pewter has been intriguing me lately. This is a color that I've not actually seen, except in photos.
  3. Ooohhh!!! How many do you get to pick? If I were you, this would be my top two choices:

    1. Pewter Weekender - The color is absolutely gorgeous! It's subdued enough where you can carry it in a large size.
    2. Bordeaux Twiggy - I would prefer the Magenta Twiggy, but you already have the metallic magenta, so I went with the Bordeaux for something different... plus bordeaux is so rich and luxurious a color.

    I wouldn't pick the Tweed Twiggy because I'm not a fan of tweed. Plus, it's basically a sponge when it comes to spills. Granted, it's in a darker color, but just from dealing with stains alone, I would rule this one out.

    Argent Silver - Gorgeous, but I find it a little too metallic for my tastes. It might work for you though, but I would prefer the Pewter Weekender over the Argent City

    Magenta Twiggy - You have a magenta metallic, I think the color may be too close (though I do really like the magenta color).

    Good luck!!!! I can't wait to see the pics!!!! :flowers:
  4. Yes, both of the sellers are legit ...

    Good points, BalenciagaLove!
  5. What's your top choice? There's so many to choose from!!! You have to eliminate some!!! LOL
  6. quick question ladies, are any of these hard-to-find colors?

    p.s. i know the bordeaux is an older color :smile:
  7. pewter!!! love the pewter!
  8. i love love LOVE the pewter color but the weekender size would overwhelm me since i'm a shorty. if you can rock it, go for it!!
    otherwise, bordeaux is a favorite color of mine and i think the twiggy shape is so cute.
  9. I like the pewter and the silver. So to me it's just a choice between the sizes.
  10. I second BL :yes:

    My first choice is the pewter weekender -- not only that the color is gorgeous but I know how much you love and use the weekender so I think it's perfect! Bordeaux is also beautiful and rich color and might suit you as your first twiggy (especially since you've been contemplating the bordeaux for a while now). The red/white tweed is rare and collectible but wouldn't be very functional with the light suede lining (unless you're extremely careful). Good luck with your decision!!
  11. I vote for the Bordeaux Twiggy first, then the Pewter Weekender.
  12. Pewter Weekender.........go get her!!!
  13. I vote for the bordeaux Twiggy ! If you have any Twiggy's in your collection and you like this color .... there is no question :yes:! GOOD LUCK CeeJay :flowers:;)
  14. My vote goes to Pewter Weekender.. a close second is the red tweed city!