Decision time...which is prettier!? Tan or Whiskey......

  1. Hi all,

    After weeks of endless searching for a Paddington, I've finally been able to locate a Tan AND a Whiskey! Yay! All I need to do now is decide which colour to go for.....

    I'm not able to see either colour in person, (the store is just too far away) so I really can't decide between the two.....So, if any of you ladies have any suggestions/opinions OR, if you happen to have any photos so that I can compare, I'd really, really appreciate your help.....


    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! I would go with Whiskey. It is a gorgeous, rich color which goes with alot. The tan is also very nice, so you really can't go wrong with either color!!
  3. Whiskey!
  4. I prefer the tan. I have had both, and I think that the tan matches more. I think of the tan as the "original" paddy color as it was the campaign color.
  5. Whiskey! Absolutely love the color.
  6. I have a whiskey edith and adore the color whiskey. It's so rich! It's goes with almost everything.
  7. Another vote for Whiskey!

    It is a gorgeous, rich colour which stands out just that bit more than tan. Plus it is darker than the tan so more practical ;)
  8. I love Whiskey~:nuts:
  9. Yet another vote for whiskey! I absolutely love that color and it pretty much blends with everything.
  10. Those are the two colors I have been searching for as well!

    Whiskey is my first choice, but I love the tan as well.
  11. Whiskey! But if you decide to take the tan, it is a beautiful color as both ways, you really can't go wrong. I guess it would boil down to what colors you already have...
  12. did you decide?
  13. i vote for whiskey
  14. I vote for tan - let us know which one you went with!