Decision time round 2

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  1. Next up for your consideration - Medium Cobalt patent Garnet or Periwinkle Maggie. I love the periwinkle color, but am having trouble deciding what it will really work with other than grays and black. I was drawn to it because I love blue, so I wear alot of blue which may actually clash with it's uniques color. Anyway I have decided I don't need two more blue bags - I have a Pond legacy satchel, Plum Patent Sabrina (which works as a blue), Eggplant Brooke, a Navy Michael Kors and another brand that's sort of steel blue. I don't have any other Maggie or Garnets. So, if you have a periwinkle bag, do you use it much and which style is the most user friendly - Maggie of Garnet? Thanks.
  2. periwinkle maggie :smile:
  3. I would say the Cobalt Patent Garnet!!! She is different!!! I love the Patent!!!!
    We are bag twins!! I have the Plum Patent Sabrina too!!! I have seen the Perwinkle Audrey IRL - wish color was deeper blue!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. I have the Perwinkle Audrey and love it. I am just drawn to the periwinkle color and i don't know exactally why. I am a huge fan of blue and I think periwinkle is a very classy color and i love it because it is a lighter blue so it is more of a neutral color so it goes with a lot more than u think. Looks great with jeans. It looks good with yellow, white, black, tan, brown, any pastel, and even red. I have also gotten a lot of compliments on the periwinke color. People stop me and are like wow what is that color i have never seen it before. I also like that it can be a fall/winter bag and when spring comes around it will still look cute with dresses and tanks. So i guess i am saying i would choose periwinkle :P
  5. I'm like you - I am drawn to that periwinkle. It is such a pretty blue. But the cobalt is gorgeous also. It is so hard trying to be more responsible and limit my bags. But I do know I will feel better if I do and will use what I have instead of having ton's of bags sitting in the closet unused.
  6. never really liked the shape of garnet. the cobalt patent i dont think is fancy enough for the shape... so i'd say maggie.
  7. Maggie seems to be the winner among you ladies. This one is hard for me. I had such an easy time being logical and decisive with the HIppie and Zoe that I thought this would be easier than I thought. Maybe because blue is my favorite color so I like them both. Garnet stays on my shoulder better. Maggie is not patent (keeping Patent Petrol Zoe, so do I want yet another patent?) Decisions are hard. How will I even manage when I get to deciding about the Green Kira!!
  8. Medium Cobalt patent Garnet
  9. i think you should keep periwinkle maggie.
    I LOVE the garnet. I have one. but i think it looks good in non patent leather. as it is a very classy sophisticated looking bag. i t hink it looks good in brown, black, black peiced, grey...
    plus periwinkle is so awesome and so is maggie! together you can't go wrong!
  10. i like the cobalt blue more than the periwinkle. i love the garnet shape. ive tried to love the maggie, but the straps are just too annoying
  11. My vote is for the Periwinkle Maggie. I've seen both IRL and although I love Cobalt, I just couldn't bring myself to purchase the Cobalt Patent Garnet. IMO, and no disrespect to anyone who has and/or likes this bag, the patent didn't look expensive enough to me.

    On the other hand, I thought the Periwinkle Maggie was gorgeous. However, I didn't buy it or the Periwinkle Audrey because I knew that the color was too soft/pretty to fit in with my wardrobe - my colored purses tend to be very vibrant and bold (i.e., Ginger Sabrina).
  12. Thanks for the input ladies. I think I'm going with the Cobalt Garnet. I find it more comfortable to wear than the Maggie. I couldn't pass up the Periwinkle Maggie when I saw it at the outlet - I loved the color so much that I thought about paying FP for it. But the Maggie continues to be a bag that I love the look of, but just can't carry comfortably. I am envious of all of you who seem to be able to keep it on your shoulder with no problem.
  13. pls keep the garnet - she is a beauty
  14. Definitely keep the's no fun to have a bag that's annoying to wear. :sad:
  15. i vote maggie