decision time - please help!!!!

  1. I just got in what I thought was going to be a natural gh in the brief from a store in nyc. well it looks white to me - the sa said over the phone that it was an off white/ivory color - so I was like yeah that sounds like natural. well, I dont think so - I mean its not bright white but oohhh what to do? my daughter said keep it and if you dont want it - I'll take It is a pretty color and I do already have the brief gh in truffle and the brief in the "sea green" in reg. hardware. Is it really worth the hassle of sending it back??? please help :confused1:
  2. do you LOVE the color? if not, I would send it back for the color that you want! it shouldn't be a hassle ... if the SA sent you the wrong color they should pay for the return shipping also
  3. There is a big difference between the natural and white. If the color isn't what you had ordered, I think that the store should be responsible for taking back the bag (including shipping). They might argue, but from a customer service point of view, it would be the right thing to do.
  4. I would love to see a pic!

    I agree with QV2, if you don't LOVE it, return it. You should be head over heels for a 1K+ bag.
  5. It is too much money to spend if you don't love the color. If you don't love it, send it back for the natural GH, which is what you really wanted.
  6. If you've already planned to get the Naturel with GH, then you should def return what was sent to you. The Naturel with GH is such a fab combo, I wouldn't settle for anything else if I were in your shoes.
  7. return it if not what you wanted, too much money to just tolerate it
  8. Look at Cityshopper's thread on "Just in from BNY" - it's got a photo of the naturel with regular hardware...but at least you'll be able to compare the leather color to your own to see if they sent you white instead by mistake...

    Or look at Nanaz's thread on her Naturel work with GH...
  9. heres the purse -its white - what do ya'll think?
    kaitlyns camera 086.jpg
  10. I think that's white, not naturel. Naturel is a champagney-beige. A grey-ish nude. That bag you have is white, even if I account for the different lighting set ups, it's still white.

    Call the store! They should pay for return shipping, etc., since it's their mistake. They need to know their stock -- you can't do EVERYTHING for them!
  11. That's definitely white. Before I got my Natural I saw a white GH Brief at NM. I went round and round trying to figure out if it was white or Natural because it didn't quite look white white. Well, Natural is BEIGE and in no way could you mistake it for white but somehow with this white, I could see someone thinking it could be called Natural. Okay, my own head is spinning from what I just wrote!

    The white is gorrrrgeous, no doubt and I love it with the GH. But personally, I would send it back for Natural. It is absolutely TDF!!!
  12. The white is nice -- but I've seen both IRL and naturel is KILLER. Get the naturel!
  13. Agree completely.
    Unless you like the white of course otherwise it is their mistake not yours and need to reimburse you. Don't worry I am sure this can be straightened out!
  14. thanks so much for all of your input - I'll be giving them a call in the am.
  15. Call them... the white is gorgeous but not what you ordered. I had the same thing happen to me - thought I was getting a greige 06 city and it arrived as an 07 natural, which I already had! The store not only took the bag back but refunded my shipping charges both ways.