Decision time - pf advice needed!

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  1. Hello my fellow Dior ladies!

    I realize I don't have anything in the Girly line... and I NEED something in it!

    So I'm deciding between a small 8 x 4 pochette style messenger, with the long thick strap, and the camera reporter bag. Ideally, I'd love a Boston girly, but I missed out on those. :sad:

    Help me decide between the two with pros and cons, pretty please? Thanks!
  2. Honey if you`d love a boston look out for it until you find it!:graucho: i would choose boston myself out of all those options! theyre not that rare! :yes:
  3. gosh i am not helping, am i? :shame:
  4. Not really :p
  5. second-ing nat here, though you might want to factor in the possibility of the canvas body/patent trimmings yellowing with time (a setback about the girly line).

    if it's between the reporter and the pochette, my vote goes to the pochette i guess. pictures of the two would help in us giving our opinions to. ;)
  6. Eww, yellowing with time? Why's that?
  7. the pink and white canvas has tendency to get a kind of a yellowy shade with time...something similar to pale rose and blue balenciagas...and i am telling you it does not look good - thats the risk you have to agree to take when you buy one...some will some won`t...

    oh and if i really ahve to choose from the two i vote for pochette as well !
  8. Aha, thanks for that. The pochette is a sort of messenger style with a long thick strap, new. It does have light yellowing but I'm told it's NOT really visible and it's only on the back. The reporter is new as well, and over a $100 more expensive than the pochette. I'm wondering which would look better on me, coz I also don't want anything too overpowering, I'm 5' tall.
  9. And the other one is a camera bag style. :smile:
  10. POCHETTE! :okay:
  11. The pochette has yellowing and glue running on the flowers. Eww!

  12. then wait for a perfect baby to pop on eBay :smile: im sire there is one somewhere just for you !
  13. ^ ITA with nattie! glue on flowers is just.. BAD!!! if my memory serves me right i think the camera bag style is pretty dainty and cute too if size/an overwhelming bag is an issue.

    another thing to note is the condition of the flowers & butterfly. if i remember correctly, May (oh how i miss May! :sad:) used to mention in the authenticity thread about how the flowers should look pressed back and unfrayed as a gauge of how good the condition of the bag is. most second-hand girly bags seem to have flowers that have been carelessly abused, so you might want to just take note of that and make sure it's all in tip-top condition. ;)
  14. Thanks for these tips, my Dior lovelies! :smile:

    Btw, where is May??
  15. Pls keep an eye open for me then ladies, for a Boston or anything else in a good condition! I've changed my mind on the camera bag tho, I think a Boston is the best bet! And REAL of course :p