Decision time--Modern Chain hobo or Coco cabas ?

  1. Sooo, Ive been waiting forever to see the Coco Cabas and finally saw it in the ivory (off white) color at Saks BH 2 days ago...I didnt like the color so I passed and havent been able to locate a black, dark brown one yet.

    Then, today I went in to Saks again and saw the Modern Chain hobo in black and a dark grey (taupe) color...I LOVE the chain and was wondering...should I keep the Modern Chain hobo in black OR keep waiting for the Coco cabas in black or dark brown or the new ones in teal or copper?

    The modern chain hobo is the top left corner bag for $1995 USD and im sure uve all seen the Coco Cabas pics...

  2. What's the size difference between the two bags? Would the zip top be of value to you? I think the two bags are very different and it's a matter of deciding if you want/need a hobo or a tote. :heart:
  3. The black COCO was available at Chanel SCP yesterday...unsure of current inventory...
  4. wow, they're just SO different, it's hard to compare/choose.
    I personally prefer the MC over the CC.
  5. The MC hobo looks really funky! I definitely prefer it over the Cabas size wise. Did you buy the hobo yet? I'd love to see pics of it that aren't stock photos.
  6. I'd get the MC hobo and wait for the smaller size cabas. I think the cabas is pretty heavy in leather - and next year you will regret having such a large chanel bag. :P
  7. yep i have the MC hobo already--not sure if i should keep it in black or go for the dark grey (taupe) color...

    I'll take pics in a bit :smile:
  8. how about the new cabas?
  9. How about the modern chain tote, instead of the hobo? I know that Bal Harbor had a black one yesterday, because she was holding it for me. I passed because I didn'twant another black bag (right now). If you are interested, you can speak to Ettie. It's a really nice bag and might be easier to find than the cabas now. :yes:
  10. ^^OOOH, I wanna see photos!:yes:
  11. i prefer the modern chain over the cabas only bc the cabas is huge! i saw it in person and i think i could fit a small child in it.
  12. i definitely choose MC
  13. I have the second on the top left... in dark grey.... it is by far my FAVORITE bag. I really am in love with it and it is certainly closer to the cabas than the hobo, which I personally wasn't a fan of. Also... the new cabas doesn't come in teal or copper, so I thought I should let you know. It comes in a blue - not teal AT ALL & a metallic brown - certainly not coppery though - although it has copper hardware. I'd go for the modern chain, the one I have fits on my shoulder even with a coat on!!
  14. I'm not a fan of the CC so I would get the MC.
  15. Japs, please post pics of your dark grey MC. I am dying to see the color.