Decision Time: Keep LE Magenta GGH -OR- Get LE Neimans ??


LE Magenta GGH -OR- LE Neimans?

  1. LE Magenta GGH City

  2. LE Neimans City

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. No idea.

    Well, that's not entirely true.

    The Magenta is a little loud, but do-able. The Neiman's is far more practical.


    Thanks & Cheers, Ladies!

    p.s. I'm not sure that I did the poll correctly, so in the event that I didn't, then just leave your comments below about either bag.

    : )
  2. I got rid of my Neimans keep the Magenta!!
  3. I like the hardware on the Neiman's LE
  4. I returned my 100th anniversary edition city too, I thought the color was a little glum ... I like the vibrant magenta better ... more cheerful and yummy!
  5. OMG you have to keep your magenta!
  6. I'd keep the magenta, but thats me coz I'm not a blue bag girl... if you find the magenta is too loud and the NM LE more practical then maybe you should go for the NM LE? good luck!
  7. I have the Neimans and I like that it is unique-looks great dressy or w/ jeans. 07 Magenta is very pretty and vibrant~but the Neimans will probably go with more in your wardrobe....OR...just get both!!!
  8. I have LE Magenta GSH city. I love her more and more. I saw a LE NM city IRL. It looked dull IMP.
  9. Magenta!
  10. magenta!!!!
  11. are there any picys of this LE Neimens? ive not seen it.
  12. The Neiman's bag is more practical, but you really can't find a more gorgeous bag than the GGH LE Magenta.
  13. MAGENTA!!! MAGENTA!!! MUST KEEP!!!!:rolleyes:
  14. I voted for Magenta, but if you really love the NM bag more, then it doesn't make sense to keep the Magenta.
  15. The magenta, it`s a beauty....don`t like pink but I love this one...