Decision Time: Keep LE Magenta GGH -OR- Get LE Neimans ??

LE Magenta GGH -OR- LE Neimans?

  • LE Magenta GGH City

  • LE Neimans City

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No idea.

Well, that's not entirely true.

The Magenta is a little loud, but do-able. The Neiman's is far more practical.


Thanks & Cheers, Ladies!

p.s. I'm not sure that I did the poll correctly, so in the event that I didn't, then just leave your comments below about either bag.

: )
I'd keep the magenta, but thats me coz I'm not a blue bag girl... if you find the magenta is too loud and the NM LE more practical then maybe you should go for the NM LE? good luck!
I have the Neimans and I like that it is unique-looks great dressy or w/ jeans. 07 Magenta is very pretty and vibrant~but the Neimans will probably go with more in your wardrobe....OR...just get both!!!