Decision time... help please!


What should I spend my Saks points on?

  1. Geranium Le Fab

  2. Nimbus PM and David Yurman necklace

  3. Nimbus PM and LV accessory

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  1. So, I got my Saks points gift card today and have 3,000 to spend. Naturally my first thought was LV :graucho:. I'm stuck between a few ideas though and need you guys' help. Okay, here are the options:

    1. Suhali Le Fabuleux in Geranium (I would just pay the extra 1k on top of the 3k in points)

    2. Olympe Nimbus PM in Anthracite and this David Yurman necklace:


    3. The Nimbus as well as a LV accessory such as a zippy wallet.

    Such a tough decision! I've been wanting the Le Fab for awhile but I also love the Nimbus, not to mention the Nimbus is LE. Opinions please :flowers:.
  2. OMG - you must have been a busy girl during the year. :graucho:

    You have 3 tough choices.. personally, I'd go for 1 - the Le Fab will be able to stand the test of time, the Nimbus is super cute but it may not wear as well as suhali. I really like the DY necklace too, so cute !
  3. oh WOW 3,000!!!!! i got my card today and i was just so excited....and mine is a BIG $259!!!!! LOL

    i would go with #3.....nimbus and zippy?!!!! Le Fab is good too.....but i presonally own this bag and i'm taking a break from it, so...

    congrats on your big gift card!!! =D

    p.s. i just saw that you're in sunshine state..... Me Too! i hope you were all right with tornardo! i drove by the condo which was hit pretty hit by it on the way home from work....scary!!!
  4. #2 or #3....not a fan of the Le Fab!!
  5. Yes yes, very busy :graucho:.

    Good point about the wear on the suhali vs. nimbus. Still looks like the poll is pretty split though, and I'm certainly still not leaning towards one option yet :shrugs:.

    Yeah it's currently pouring here Sophia618. No tornadoes yet, but I'm on the lookout :police:. Hope you're okay with it too!

    Thanks so far guys, keep the opinions coming!
  6. Le Fab in Geranium for sure! That color is no longer available so if you can find one go for it they are beyond stunning!
  7. Oh no! It's not?? It's still on the LV website so I assumed it was.
  8. Le Fab for sure, I am super excited for you.
  9. i voted for #3. at first i was for the david yurman, but i'm a sucker for silver/white gold/platinum.
  10. Wow --- Saks gift card amount is fantastic!!! I voted for the geranium Le Fab. I have the white and I sure would LOVE to have that luscious geranium color!! Good luck with your decision!
  11. Love the Le Fab!! And yes, it's a discontinued color.. you may not find them anymore. Although call 866, they may find one floating around somwhere!
  12. say go for Nimbus PM and LV accessory
  13. I'd go for the necklace and the Nimbus. :yes:
  14. my pick is the nimbus and necklace :smile:
  15. Thanks everyone :flowers: any more opinions?