Decision time! Going to return Zoe, Help me pick replacement

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  1. #1 Jul 13, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
    I asked you guys for your opinion yesterday about returning my canvas Zoe in rose ballerine because I was worried about the flat leather flap scratching and because I’ve been loving the all pink Empreinte leather version in rose poudre.
    I mentioned this in my previous thread, I have terrible OCD about keeping things looking new. And this wallet would be my daily.
    If I spent $500 on a wallet, I want to use it for years, but that’s just me.

    So, I have decided to return the canvas Zoe even though I like the color combo. Mainly because I don’t want to deal with the flat leather and because it has weird wrinkle when you open it and I can see the flat leather potentially tearing there.

    My options are- Empreinte Zoe in Rose Poudre, Empreinte Zoe in Black, or Rosalie in the canvas/pink ballerine combo.

    In a perfect world, I’d love the Rose Poudre Empreinte. It looks soft and luxurious and the pale pink is what brought me into the LV boutique on a whim last week. But, scratches and color transfer/stains are my enemy with this. I’d be so sad.

    I love the Zoe design, so the black Empreinte would prevent the stain issues, still feel and look luxurious, but I’d miss out on the beautiful pink color I wanted in the first place.

    And then we have the Rosalie in the mono canvas Rose ballerine. Which is super cute, all canvas on the outside which is probably the most durable out of all the options. And I still get to have that pink pop of color. Only thing I miss out on is the design of the Zoe which I do like better than the Rosalie.

    So, if you were in my shoes, which would you pick and why?
    Thank you everyone for reading my long post and helping me out with this! :smile:
  2. I am OCD like you and was worried about the leather flap on the zoe as well. However, if you dislike the zoe for that reason you may not like the Rosalie as well. This is because the Rosalie has the leather button which I've heard shows alot of wear. Some people on YT have combat the issue by putting on a coat of clear nail polish. However, by doing this it will void your warranty on the item. I may be bias here as I love black everything, my vote is the black Empreinte Zoe it just seems fussfree :lol:.
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  3. Yep the button will wear. I have an old 'Marie' wallet which has rarely been used, yet there are signs of wear on the button already:


    And with the Rose Poudre I'd be worried about it looking like this after a year or so (but this probably depends on how often you handle/clean it):


    I'd say go for the black empreinte seeing as you're worrying so much about it now already - it's no fun to own a product where you're just constantly worried about getting it dirty!
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  4. Anything Rose Ballerine or Rose Poudre might require some special care. How about this color instead: Also, I read carefully what you are considering and all of those are prone to glazing issues and you are mentioning years of intended wear without added care. The ZCP has been an excellent compact wallet for me. I've had it for well over a year now (canvas, however, not leather), the only wallet I've used during that period, and it still looks brand new, even smells new. Would you consider that option?
  5. A black leather wallet is probably the best option for you. A lighter color will show dirt and wear much faster. The leather button on canvas wallets will also show wear and tear faster than metal ones. Have you considered an all-canvas wallet or an Épi leather wallet? They would also be very durable options.
  6. Yup that’s the bit I forgot to mention about the button.
    I am OCD, but I think the button won’t bother me as much as corners, or the body of the wallet. Probably because it’s such a small part and I heard it can be replaced.
    But I do like the black Zoe too :biggrin:
  7. Thank you for the photos!
    I don’t think the button will bother me so much. Just because I heard it can be replaced.
    The main thing I hate is edges or corners getting dirty or the body of the wallet.
    I do love the black Zoe as well though. I just feel a little disappointment with not getting my pink color.
    I think I need to check what kind of leather is inside the Rosalie. If it’s the same type as the Zoe, it will be easy to clean.
    I had a 10 year old agenda with the same pink color from 12 years ago and it still looked new!
  8. Thank you for your reply and suggestions!
    Unfortunately I’m not really a fan of the ZCP.
    I checked on the link and I don’t think I would fuchsia or a hot pink.
    I know, too picky lol.

    If the button is my biggest worry, I might go with the Rosalie. I’ll have to go check it out in person to see what kind of leather is inside. I don’t know if it’s the same as the inside of the Zoe, which is easy to wipe down
  9. I would go for the Zoe in black Empreinte myself, but I'm interested in purchasing this wallet as well! I would not like to worry about babying the light color.
    However, just to play devil's advocate, I have seen tons of posts on TPF stating how well the RP or RB does wear. I love the layout of the Zoe and am not a fan of folding cash. I think you have to just go with your gut instincts on this one. If you love the pink then maybe use it as more of a special occasion wallet that won't get tossed around very often. I think this type of leather is easy enough to wipe down from time to time.
    And at least this wallet has the gold tone hardware as opposed to the painted button.
  10. I don’t mind cleaning the wallet, I just want to avoid permanent stains which I know would be easy to get with a lighter color.
    I don’t think I want all canvas. I have my cles and pouchette and I wanted something different.
    As for the Epi, I never really liked the look or feel of it even though I know how durable it is.

    I’ll have to go into the store and really make a gametime decision.
    If the button is the biggest worry on the Rosalie, I might take my chances. But the Zoe is so cute!
  11. May I ask about the glazing issues you mentioned? I’m not too familiar with them besides hearing a few people needing to return online purchases because of uneven/heavy glazing
  12. I have successfully cleaned a light pink Diorissimo bag with aleppo (or was it marseille) soap and water on a wash cloth, and gotten rid of dirt stains when leather cream did nothing. The light pink color didn't come off and the bag looked brand new. If you are just worried about it getting dirty, you can try my method, it should work no problem.
  13. Ahhhh this thread is making me look at wallets again!! *If only* they made the Zoe wallet in Rose Ballerine Vernis leather... that is such a beautiful colour/leather combination! :heart::nuts: (but it would probably drive your OCDness off the edge with any permanent stains :P)
  14. I love the layout of the Zoe too!
    It’s so small but useful. Especially with not folding cash. You’ll love it if you do decide to get it.
    I think I’m going to go into the boutique today and maybe make a gametime decision
  15. Thank you!
    Love cleaning tips lol