decision time diamond earrings - Whiteflash or local jeweler?

  1. I just talked to Whiteflash and they are holding the two stones for me until tomorrow (link below). She assured me that they did research on these (they are from outside vendor) and she believes they willl be beautiful and sparkly. She went into detail about the different angles, etc. and assured me that when they get them from the vendor if it doesn't meet their criteria, they will send it back and not sell it to me. You all probably know about Whiteflash but anyway she said it behooves them to be particular about what they sell because they will allow me to upgrade, etc.

    So, she almost has be convinced that I should buy these because they have these strict criteria about cut and because they are GIA certified. The ones from the local jeweler are not certified so although I believe he is reputable, the grading could be slightly different upon appraisal (which makes it hard for me to be sure about cost comparison).

    The Whiteflash earrings will cost about $300-500 less.
    Is it worth it to pay a bit more for the bigger size from local jeweler (78 points per ear vs. 70 points per ear from WF)? Or will the Whiteflash ones face up aslmost as big?
    0.70 J SI1

    If Whiteflash approves the stones and I back out, I'll have to pay for the shipping back to the vendor. So I want to me as sure as I can be ....and that is hard for me!
    Thank you for any help!
  2. I'd go w/ Whiteflash for less, I trust them and I don't think you'll notice .08 or .09 in the stones personally.
    Also tax free if you don't live here in TX!:biggrin:
    Who are you working w/ @ WF?
  3. Thanks Amanda...I'm working Celina. She's is being very patient. Very helpful and trying to close the sale but in a very polite way.
    You're probably right. The earrings at the jeweler are already set so the carat weight could even be a little off. I'm almost ready to take the leap, I think. Just hope they are going to be big and sparkly!
  4. I'd go with Whiteflash too, for cheaper price. If you aren't happy with the stones, I think the return shipping is likely minimal in comparison with the purchase you are making, KWIM?
  5. can't wait to see them!
  6. Definitely Whiteflash!
  7. If they are well cut, the smaller stones from whiteflash may even be bigger (face up) than the slightly larger stone from the retail shop. All you need to do is to look at the dimensions from the certificates.
  8. I can wholeheartedly recommend Whiteflash, you will be in very safe hands with them. I see those aren't in house diamonds, but Celina will let you know the verdict on them, or recommend some others to you. Also K colour grade can be a good choice for earrings.