Decision Time - City or some other style

  1. Okay b bag mavens. i have gone back and forth. i have an order in for a blue grey city at BALNY. So, I have some time....:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: spoke with Kim, my SA today (btw, very nice, i recommend) and she checked to see if they were getting the blue grey in a larger size. - Yes, Weekender. that is tooooooo big for me. I asked about the purse (that great picture of Gwen stefani made me want one) - nope. But BUT BUT she said they might be getting it in the afternoon.

    1) is the balenciaga appeal, in part, the shape, and if so, is the afternoon not as "balenciaga" as the city and other rectangular bags. is the afternoon shape less "balenciaga-y"?
    2) i love this shape. all my purses are similar. should i branch out and keep the city. and will this purse, like my others, be deceptively large b/c of the narrowing opening.
    3) has anyone seen this bag in real life. do you like it. what is the shoulder drop like??? any other details you want to share.

    I am so tempted to change my order. And if I could change it to a purse or a work in blue/grey, i would. i have good feelings about this color and so it is the determining factor.
  2. which one is the afternoon? can u post pic?
    the most popular is the city, but i think all the other styles have the same distinction to be a balenciaga recognise
    the purse i think have bigger handles so it might fit more comfortable in shoulder
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I think I would prefer a City in BI:love: ...but it's just my taste
  5. i don't really like this style. i like the shopper, city, or twiggy.
    but i guess you have to try it on you.