Decision time: Choc Paddy or choc Mulberry Roxanne?

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  1. I've got a Whiskey Paddy which I love:love: ! Just love everything about it. The shape, size, colour, etc!! That's what got me to thinking about getting another Paddy and the choco colour is sooo gorgeous!

    But..but.. also thinking about the Mulberry Roxanne in chocolate. Haven't seen one IRL (seen lots of knock-offs!) but I think the weight is about the same as the Paddy. It's just a different look and style altogether, sorta more rugged than the Paddy coz it's unlined.

    So what do you think, guys and gals? Which would you choose n why? Or do I just keep my money, lol!
  2. If you can go and hold a Roxy IRL I would highly recommend it - I love them; but, they are different from the paddy.

    In my opinion it is completely okay to have two of the same style of bag if you love it.

    I have two paddys - I love the Roxanne too, but, don't own one because it wrecked havoc on my cubital carpal tunnel (paddy I can wear on the shoulder, the Roxy I could not).

    In my opinion, you can't go wrong with either - but, you should really take the Roxy for an "in person" test-drive first. :biggrin:
  3. Well, I "auditioned" the oak Roxanne earlier this month and have to say that my chocolate Paddington beat it handles down (bad pun I know!). I have always admired the pictures of Roxanne - that bag is right up my alley - but IRL it was a little bit awkward to carry and get in and out of. The leather seemed more fragile than the Paddington, at least in the lighter Oak color. My overall impression was the Paddington is worth the price tag but the Roxanne is not. I would love to add Roxi to my bag collection in the future - when I can apply a gift card to the order or find one on sale - but I just couldn't warrant keeping her at this time.
  4. Wow, thanks for your honest comments! Truly appreciate it!!

    Yes, I really like the Paddy and just love the feel of the leather. I've only noticed the Roxy when I saw a pic of Scarlett Johansson with one. She had it on her shoulder though. Loganz, are the handle straps that short that it is difficult to comfortably wear on the shoulders? I like shoulder bags and would therefore prefer to get a bag that can fit there no problems.
  5. As I've said before, I love my Roxanne like crazy - The Darwin leather is too die for and the magnetic closures are great - I wear mine on my shoulder (no coats in Miami) and it fits beautifully and slouches down and looks amazing. I have never been a Paddy fan although I admire the quality and beauty of the bag - the look of the Roxy is just more my style.
  6. I love the Roxanne, so I'm going to vote for that.
  7. SerenitySue - the bag does not fit on the shoulder easily. It could if you are wearing only a tanktop. Also, I am very thin - you can see me holding bags in many of my posts; I could not wear it on my shoulder, which is why I had to let it go.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input:love: .

    Loganz, you've decided me:biggrin: . I was still of two minds though leaning more towards the Paddy but now I'm convinced. I do prefer to be able to wear my bags over the shoulder, esp a heavy bag so I have the option of changing positions, heh;). If it doesn't go over the shoulder easily, then I wouldn't want to fuss with it. I still like the Roxy though but I think I'll push her down the wishlist for a later date. Things don't get crossed off the wishlist, just their order rearranged. Never ruled anything out:lol: .
  9. SuzyZ, Victorian (Australia) weather is kinda crazy, lol! Most times we have to wear at least a cardi.. but our Winter is approaching so lots of coat wearing.. I think I may reconsider the Roxy for next summer:smile:)
  10. Roxanne .. 2 of the same bags might be a bit too much
  11. I would go for the roxanne, I love both bags, but you already have a paddy, so I would choose another style!
  12. Choc Paddy
  13. I would go with the Paddy too. Roxannes are Gorgeous, but I agree, too heavy for the arm and not a good fit for the shoulder.
  14. choco paddy for me as well..
  15. Choco Paddy, it's gorgeous, and IMO, if you love everything about the Whiskey, you will also adore and use your Choco Paddy to death, as I do :smile: