Decision time!! Black vs. Pink

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Black or Pink?

  1. Black

  2. Pink

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ATTN: need to make decision by tomorrow!!:sweatdrop:

    Hellooo ladies~~!! :yahoo:

    thanks to all your advices now i know that lil bit of platform in front makes all the difference!! :yes: so now i've picked out a pair, but can't decide on what colour.. :shame: i've put both of them on hold so that i can go in tomorrow and pick up either one..

    Nine West Jasleys



    Naturally at first i thought the black would be the most versatile.. but then i thought,since these are strappy sandals, they'd be for summer, and a lot of my summer dresses are more flirty/girly, and black would look a bit weird with them... whereas pink would go either way... :shrugs:kwim?

  2. note : they're DARK pink... so would that make them more versatile?
  3. The dark pink is so pretty, and they are definitely more summerish. I'd choose the dark pink.

  4. oh HEY fellow vancouverite!!! :yahoo:
  5. Pink. The color makes an otherwise "eh" shoe pop a little.
  6. The pink! But I really like both.
  7. Between the two I prefer the pink...
  8. i prefer the black one..
  9. I'd go for the pink. It stands out more.
  10. Pink!
  11. Pink.
  12. Black is more classic colour.. very nice pair
  13. Black all the way.
  14. I think that the pink is more individual and works better with the satin fabric texture :yes:
  15. piiiiink!