Decision Time... AGAIN!!

  1. i'm sorry for posting 3 threads in a night... but after some careful considerations, my choices are narrowed down to three.

    Here's my situation. i'm a 19-yr-old and a first time LV buyer. i just want the bag to be practical and at the same time fit my age and size (i'm 5 feet 1). Here are my final options:

    #1: mono petit noe
    #2: tivoli pm
    #3: if it looks not too big on me when i go to the store to check it out, azur noe

    any suggestions or other options? thanks!
  2. Hi and welcome!!!

    My suggestions for a girl of your age and size:
    -Speedy 25
    -Neverfull PM [though I dislike this bag, it is liked by many others due to the price range]
    -Popincourt Haut
  3. Tivoli PM! It's the right size for you to put stuff, but not too big as well. :flowers:
  4. #2 Tivoli pm. I have the GM but I'm taller (5'6"), its a gorgeous bag-I love the pleating. The Noe is cute but I think you"ll be able to use the Tivoli for a long time-it'll look good on you at 19 and at 39 (like me!)
  5. i'd say out of those the trivoli pm, but would go with John 5's suggestion of a speedy 25, they're classics :smile:
  6. tivoli pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. From your choices, I would go with Tivoli. I'm 5'1; I tried Tivoli pm at the store, so size is not a problem. But you are 19, you should try speedy 25...
  8. i know many ppl would suggest speedy 25.. i think it's cute and stuff... but it's just that i see it everywhere... -.-'''
  9. out of the choices you gave: tivoli pm! :smile:
  10. mono petit noe/ azur noe is good for shoulder bag even with winter coat but be careful of the vachetta bottom when u use it.
    tivoli pm is nice for petit frame, doesn't looks weird for both handheld and shoulder carry but i do not think it'll fit with winter coat.
    personally i'll choose mono petit noe, so classic in design and print :smile:
  11. Tivoli or Speedy 25!
  12. tivoli!
  13. Do you prefer hand or shoulder bags? I love the petit noe, because it's a comfortable shoulder bag and fits a TON! In terms of practicality, I'd say go for the petit noe, because it can seriously fit so much! The regular noe might look too big for you, so yay petit noe!
  14. originally i was planning on getting the petit noe because it's so cute and adorable... but then the tivoli pm is pretty new and very lady-like... so i'm stuck in between these two!!!
  15. The tivoli pm. It zips shut securely and is so pretty and ladylike.