Decision time AGAIN!! Vert Deau Brief or praline city

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Vert Deau Brief or praline city

  1. Vert Deau Brief

  2. praline city

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    Hi ladies, i have a tough choice to make now.

    1) Vert Deau Brief - US$688 ( this is a great deal, imo)
    2) praline city in GSH - US$1337

    Which would u ladies go for. Opinions would be very very much appreciated. and i would like to make a decision asap. thank u:smile:

    i also apologize for the repeated threads as i always have such a hard time deciding on color!
  2. I voted Vert D'eau, which looks like a gorgeous color in pics (haven't seen it IRL). Praline seems just a bit washed out. With these light colors, make sure the corners & handles & cords are really clean, or that you won't be shocked if they're not...
  3. i voted for vert d'eau...praline is too delicate and dull IMO

  4. the corners of the vert d'eau have a little scuff but i can deal with it considering the price:smile:
    other than that, its in gd condition
  5. Vert Deau - as I love a bargain! :P It sounds like a good price, but is it in the same condition as the praline? As it's a lighter colored bag I'd be careful, as MissFluffyCat said.
  6. Vert D'eau :tup:
  7. Here's another Vert D'eau vote! The color is gorgeous and I don't know what kind of hardware you're looking at but IMO it contrasts great with both regular and giant hardware.
  8. I love the colour of Vert D'eau, but are you sure the brief style is for you? I almost bid on one myself until I realised I wanted something slouchier, i.e. the day style.
  9. I voted for Vert Deau.
    Though I prefer the City to the Brief, I much prefer Vert Deau to Praline.

  10. hmm..i was more attracted to the leather on the Vert D'eau rather than the style. Would the brief be a versatile style u tink? I already have a lilac city and i actually really like the city style a lot.
  11. Vert Deau Brief gets my vote. Looks better than Praline imo
  12. I voted for the Praline City simply because I do not like the Brief style so much and I'm a hard core City lover:girlwhack: But Vert d'eau is a much nicer color though so it's a tough decision... I have a VD City and love this color!
  13. I would suggest you wait if possible, to get what you really want, rather than buying something in a style you are not familiar with and may not get much use out of.
    For the price of the praline in gsh you would be able to get a rh city in vert d'eau if you look around a bit. Possibly less. But it would be preloved though.

    Under the balenciaga reference section I think there is a thread on the brief page with some modeling pics. If you feel like that is a style that could work for you then by all means get the brief! This style is now discontinued from what I heard so $688 sounds like a great price for a bag in one of the most desired colours.

    Now I sound like I am pushing for you to get the brief, lol. It's so hard to choose between bals isn't it?
  14. I'm a bargain shopper, so the Vert Deau would definitely be my choice!
  15. Vert d'eau brief. Beautiful colour and the brief is a great style. Nice shape and large enough but not too large to tote every day.