Decision time again!!! Help pleaseee

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  1. Please help me make a decision. I already have a mono eva, damier ebene favorite pm and damier ebene pochette NM. I have been wanting to buy the mono pochette for a while before the price increase. But again, I keep thinking do I really need 4 small bags?? Other than these, I have 3 other small bags but in a different designer brand. What do you all think?
  2. If you're doubting yourself, don't get it :smile: just my opinion. I really wanted the mono Eva but already have a mono pochette, two epi pochettes, a mc pochette and a DE Eva, so I have something in all different prints. I thought that having a mono Eva might influence how often I use my mono pochette or DE Eva. I like to make full use of everything I have.

    Having said that, if you know that you're going to get it eventually anyway, you may as well save some money and purchase now :smile:
  3. I would wait. I have a Mono Eva, a DE Mini Pochette, and an MC white Pochette. I am always thinking about a DA Pochette, but I never seem to pull the trigger. This tells me that I wouldn't really use it much. I use my Eva the most out of the Pochettes I have and I don't even use her all that often. I would just wait on this and get something you utilize more often. Another every day bag? A wallet? A cles or makeup pouch?
  4. I like small bags
    but for another one I think I would go a bit more special
    like the vernis or epi one
  5. If you feel you have a lot of small bags in LV, then get pre loved LV shoulder bag or crossbody for the same price of the new pochette.
  6. If that is the style of bag you love and you will get good use out of it i say get it. You have the de favorite and de pochette, do you use both of those? Maybe get the pochette in azur?
  7. Same thinking
  8. I also like small bags but I would try getting a different design than one you already own. Maybe an alma bb. It's more expensive but cute and I think it would be a good addition.
  9. Well I think it depends on your lifestyle/ use case. Do you really only use small bags? Are you looking for more of a grab and go casual small bag? If yes, then I say go for it!

    If it's a price issue (going for pochettes because they are smaller and less expensive) I would save for something different if you think you'd use it!

    Good luck!!
  10. I think pochette is not a bag. For me its just small piece to use inside bigger bag. Way to organize your things inside purse. So that way you can never have too many "organizers" :smile:

  11. +1