Decision: Reissue bag - small (225) or medium (226)

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  1. 226 would be more of an everyday bag and for me, 225 is a bag to go out in. I am in similar situation. Already own a 226 but may want the smaller 225 for evening (it surprising holds a lot and looks better crossbody than the 226!)
  2. I have this bag in the black chevron with gold hardware and it looks the same as yours. I purchased from NM in 2017. I actually called around to other stores because there were four left at the time and all the bags had that same mark from the turnlock.
  3. Yes I ran around a few boutiques just to see if the turnlock area is the same. They are. SA said it's meant to be like this as we open and close the bag. But once closed, the "tarnished" area is not very visible.
  4. The size of 226 is awesome. I still want the 225 with SHW in the future maybe. It looks nice when Crossbody.
  5. Congrats on your decision! Love the 226 that you chose! I’m 5’8” and tried on both the 225 and 226 the other day. The 225 although cute looked too small on me. The 226 looked perfect.
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  6. My brand new one looks like that, it’s normal.
  7. Yes! 226 is perfect. Though I would want a 225 as well in the future.

    Did you end up buying?
  8. Thanks! You got the 226 as well?
  9. Hi! Not yet. Still thinking about it. It’s been a bit of s process. I started off wanting a 225 with RHW. But after seeing it with GHW I completely changed my mind—loved the GHW. Then I felt like the 225 was just too small on my body frame. I’m tall. Maybe because it’s not as boxy as the CF—don’t know but it just didn’t look right on me. So now I’m at the 226 with GHW! Reading everyone’s thoughts here really helps make a decision too.