Decision: Reissue bag - small (225) or medium (226)

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  1. Got my reissue 226 medium flap. I'm so in love.

    Thank you all for helping me make this decision!

  2. Just wondering how you guys make the bottom flat. I don't really like the idea of it being folded lol
  3. Also one question, is the inner leather of your back pocket black or burgundy color?
  4. I put a heavy book in there when I first got it to flatten the base. Also with wear, it’ll naturally flatten out over time as well.
  5. I imagine the 225 would be far too small for daily use unless you always carry the barest minimum. I have two 226’s for evenings and “light” days and two 227’s for days when I need to carry more.
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  6. Thanks all. I love the size of 226 now.

    Anyone can let me know the color of the inner side of the back pocket?
  7. Mine is burgundy but there are black ones too.
  8. Gorgeous! Congratulations :smile:. And mine is burgundy!
  9. Thanks! I saw this batch of stock of the black reissues comes with black backpocket. But I wouldn't give up the bag because of this [emoji23].
  10. I have reissue so black with black interior and the inner leather of the back pocket is black, well it’s so black afterall, lol

    But my classic reissue in black crumpled leather RHW which has burgundy interior also has black inner leather of the back pocket
  11. Thank you. Good to know. Yes I have burgundy interior but black inner leather for back pocket.

    Do you use yours often? Will the leather become very soft and lose structure? I'm just worried about the bottom.
  12. My 226 I got last year and I only use it 1-2 times a week. But I had used it 2 weeks consecutive during a trip. It’s still very structured and look new. No scratch at all but already performed light crease on the top.

    My 227 reissue I just got recently. I also worried about them loosing structure overtime. I saw too many reissues in ugly shape on the resale market. I’m considering having an organizer for 227 since it’s bigger bag. But when I asked for advice here, nobody reply to have the organizer in theirs
  13. I heard the flap tends to become pointy over time, is that right? I personally don't like pointy but it will be inevitable if the bag gets heavy and it's only the two straps holding all the weight.

    Not sure if organizer helps but it's a good idea but 226 is a bit small to use an organizer which takes additional space.
  14. So the bag is pretty new. It's my first day using it. But the gold in the turn lock area is already tarnished because of the lock which keeps scratching it but it's hard to avoid.

    Does yours all look the same upon use for months / years?


  15. So that I heard. But mine is not pointy. I don’t like pointy flap nor bottom. The light crease I’m talking about is on the front and back near the top from the opening flap.

    I don’t put organizer on 226. It’s small enough and no point to have it. But 227 is much bigger and I hope it will help to hold the structure. It feels very sturdy now though

    About your lock, I would try to exchange. It’s not a good sign for only a few days bag. Maybe the turnlock is very tight it scratches easily?