Decision: Reissue bag - small (225) or medium (226)

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  1. I want a reissue bag in black quilted with ghw. I just don't know what size to pick.

    Here are my thoughts when I tried on the bags:

    I have the medium/ large classic flap in black with shw. When the SA took out the small 225 reissue, I felt that it was small. And only realised its similar to the medium/ large classic flap when the SA compared the bags side by side.

    One size up, the medium when wear double strap, it looks perfect. I like the look. When double strap for the small, it looks tiny but looks great on Crossbody. I'm 5,4 and on the thinner size range. The medium when Crossbody will look a little big.

    I don't carry a lot. I have small and big bags.

    I want to use it for work as well as casual.

    I want to know the thoughts of the owners of both small 225 and medium 226 reissue bags.
  2. Since you’ll be using it for work, go with the bigger size. From your description, I think your heart is leaning towards 226.
  3. The 266 is a really great size - fits just the right amount without looking ‘big’ if that makes sense?
  4. Thanks. I think the medium is smaller than the Jumbo and bigger than medium classic flap.

    So torn between the two size.
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  5. Yep - it’s right between the two sizes. Which makes it the perfect size for both day and night! :smile:
  6. I have both and it sounds like we are about the same height/build and I agree with your general assessment re: 225/small looking better crossbody and 226/medium looking better double strapped. Both are great sizes, but since you don't carry much and want to use it for both work and casual (crossbody, I assume), my recommendation is the 225/small, which holds slightly more than the M/L Classic Flap. I mostly wear my 226/medium (which is slightly smaller than the Jumbo CF, but holds about the same if not a bit more) for work more than than casual and when I do wear it casually, I rarely wear it crossbody. But I don't think you can make a wrong decision. They are both very versatile, it just depends on what you want to use it more for. GL!
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  7. I don’t have 225 so I can’t give you my preference over the two. I just want to share my thought about 226. I’m also 5’4. Medium build/US size 6. I also felt that 226 was big for crossbody in the beginning maybe because I was used to wearing minis all the time. But I went with 226 anyway because I appreciate the bigger space. I’m glad I did. Overtime, I like it more and more and never think it’s too big for crossbody. In fact, I just bought 227, it is big but I’m still comfortable carrying it crossbody too. It seems smaller than Jumbo and not that boxy.

    I agree that 226 looks better double strapped and 225 looks better crossbody. I also appreciate @FunBagz opinion above, I will take note of her comment over the two sizes.

    I’m sure you won’t have problems with either size. Both will look good shoulder or crossbody on you. I would suggest to consider the space and price wise instead. Good luck. Please do tell us what you choose in the end.
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  8. I would say 226 if you are looking to use it as a work and more casual day bag. I see the 225 as a more dressy version due to the size. I personally have a 226 and am looking to buy another reissue and Will probably but the same size again simply because it works for me. It can be worn casually and for evenings out. I wear it cross body, long on the shoulder chain and doubled up and it looks good each way ( I’m 5’9” if that helps).

    I recently tried the 225 and while it’s super stunning I felt it was maybe too small for what I use my 2.55 for ( dressed up or casual day to evening ).
  9. Where did you find the 225? I can't seem to find them anywhere in USA..I have 2 225s from 5 years ago, but haven't seen any in the stores since .
  10. I had the same dilemma and really debated. I don't like carrying tons of stuff around w me so I was leaning towards the 225 for how elegant it is. But I couldn't get over how small it was and for day to day use, I felt like I was playing Tetris w my stuff .so I got the 226 .

    I must say, it doesn't seem that big anymore! It's a great size and I can't do a lot w it. It's only when you compare it to the 225 does it look ''oo big' but in the scheme of bags, it's actually on the smaller size .
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  11. Thanks my fellas! You guys are awesome and speak my mind!

    I do think 225 looks good on crossbody but when double strap, it looks a little bit small though my frame isn't big. The 226 looks really nice and elegant for double strap. And since I have other mini bags or small bags for casual wear, I am leaning towards 226.

    I was so hesitant as a few of the SAs in the boutique said small looks good but my SA said the 226 may look better and more practical. I'm not sure if she said that because of the price lol.

    But I am definitely leaning towards 226 now! Will buy it if I couldn't see anything I want in the new collection which will only be in store for my location later this week.
  12. Hi, I debated heavily between the 2 sizes also. Ultimately I decided the 225 would be too small so I went with the 226. I love this size, it’s perfect. It fits what I need with a little room to spare , travels well from day to night, and is super comfortable to carry.
  13. I was initially going for the 225 but it looks so small when I saw SA getting it out from the closet lol. I'm surprised I find the look of the 225 smaller than the m/l classic flap I have, though the measurement is only 2cm difference!
  14. I am not based in the US. But in Asia, there are lots of 225 (and 226). And there's relatively more stock of everything in Paris.
  15. I’m in the UK. It was in Harrods. So black chevron 225