Decision: Pastilles or Mini Lin Speedy?

  1. Hi Everyone! My DH gave me a gift certificate for X-Mas. While we were up in San Francisco, I used it to buy the mono Pastilles bracelet/keychain. So pretty!!! But, then I felt guilty and thought I should put the money towards something more substantial.... so, I returned the Pastilles a couple of days later when I got back to L.A. and now I have a store credit.

    So.... now I'm wavering again... should I rebuy the mono Pastilles or go for the gusto and get a mini lin Speedy? (I already own a Mono 30, Damier 30, and a special order Damier 25).

    I already bought 3 LV purses this year (Damier 30, BH & Petite Noe) and several accessory bags, so am I crazy to get another purse before the year is up? Help me! I have an addiction!!! What should I do? :confused1:
  2. i say wait for the new vernis color + spring 07 bags ..
  3. I would rather have a mini lin speedy than the pastilles. I ordered it, & sent it back. I did not like the look wearing it as a bracelet. The ends hooking together were bulky, & it did not look like a bracelet to me. I might have liked the MC one better, but for $375. you are halfway to getting a bag.
  4. I say sell one of the damier bags, re buy the pastilles with that money and get the mini lin speedy with your store credit.
  5. I think you should check out Stephania pics of the 2007 collection!
  6. :yes::yes: ITA.. I would save it for the new collection...

  7. Thx. I think I am leaning towards buying the mini lin speedy. I called my SA and she only had one in stock, so I'm going to wait until she has a few more of the mini lin to choose from... my DH thinks I should get the mini lin speedy as well.... plus, last night, I was at the Grove and saw another woman carrying the mini lin speedy and it looked really nice on her!!!
  8. The Mini Lin is easily available, the pastiles in brown are more rare.
  9. Mini's next on my list too!!!!
  10. I would get the mini lin.
  11. Thanks everyone!!!! (I still like the mono Pastilles but I'll just have to admire it from afar!)

  12. Its not meant to be worn as a bracelet. :smile:
  13. i like the mini lin too! maybe you should wait for the dune color to be released
  14. mini lin
  15. Mini Lin! I bought it a couple of month ago and I :heart: it.