Decision on work bag

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  1. Ok I'm aware this is the LV forum But I'm really in love with 3 bags, will only be getting one this year before I return to work in mid April from maternity leave. I plan on using it for work but I just can't decide which to get! I'm in love with Artsy in empreinte infini, prada saffiano tote in Nero which is black though I've heard of quality issues, and channel gst in black.opinions?
  2. definitely the prada saffiano tote! I have a purple one and I use it for work. I'm a lawyer so I always carry around a lot of files and notepads, and it's perfect for that! it also looks like you don't have prada in your collection, so it'll be a good addition! I haven't had any quality issues with mine. If you need any more convincing, watch an episode of Scandal! Kerry Washington carries amazing prada bags and she always looks flawless. all are good choices though!
  3. Hmmm it's funny because that was my first love before I discovered the other two but was turned off by lots of posts re quality in prada forum but I still really like it and think it definitely is a dressy type work bag, I think I wull get that one first up, thank you :smile: my jobs similar to yours too
  4. Prada saffiano tote is beautiful but I have heard about quality issues. If you can handle it, then go for the Prada!
  5. Prada or Chanel. Sometimes I feel that those two designers are serious enough for the workplace.
  6. Definitely the Prada. Much more classy and practical work bag than the other two. Maybe the GST later on for the weekends.. Happy shopping.
  7. Definately don't get the Prada Saffiano! The GHW fades in a matter of months and the corners wear fast too. I sold mine after 6 months because I couldn't handle the wear on it
  8. I would choose the gst!
  9. Chanel GST. I too wanted the prada but was totally put off by the quality complaints over in the prada forum. I couldn't stand to pay so much money for something and then have endless quality issues. Gorgeous bag though.
  10. get the Chanel GST!
    Arsty is not a work bag IMO and infini is not black
  11. Annie, sounds like you've done your research! I personally have not had trouble with my prada tote HOWEVER I am just one person. It seems like others have had some quality issues, so definitely consider that! I'm sad to hear of the quality issues because it really sounds like the prada tote is perfect for your needs! And also in my opinion, the most professional bag out of the 3. But if you're (reasonably) worried about quality, I'd go with the chanel GST.
  12. It's nice to hear this from someone who actually has it. Gives me a little more confidence in it, it's so beautiful!
  13. I have a Prada Saffiano tote as well, I’ve had it for a year and it still looks as good as new, I rotate my bags a lot but I do carry this one a lot. I agree with CDJD this is the most professional looking bag out of your choices, if I’m meeting clients I always grab this one, very sharp and functional. The GST is also nice but it’s a little boxy and not as easy to carry. gld!

  14. I'm a lawyer as well and I also use a prada saffiano for work. It's a wonderful professional looking bag! I also have two GSTs but I never use them for work because I think they're a bit too flashy.
  15. Would you consider Celine black Mini or Phantom? If not, i'd go with GST