Decision on Garden party

  1. iam unable to decide between the canvas and GPT ,is the canvas strong ? also those who have this bag is it possible to use a purseket to keep the things organised ,because i dont know how i will tolerate everything falling in the middle with no organisation????:s
    can the canvas and GPT be used on shoulder
  2. Uma--are you trying to decide between the canvas GPT and the leather GPT? You should definitely be able to fit a purseket in there or another bag organizer like the medium bagmate (I use this one). A Chameleon bag insert might work better because the bottom is a bit wider and it won't topple over in the GPT. The canvas is very durable and is treated. If it gets stained you can bring it in to Hermes to get it cleaned. The canvas GPTs cannot be used on the shoulder unless you get one of the smaller ones that come with a removable shoulder strap. The larger sizes do not have this option.
  3. thanks orchids ,the leather GPT does not have a shoulder strap isnt it ???what leather is the leather ones made of or are they different ones ,wanted the black with silk lining ,any other types --meaning leather without the lining???
  4. I have the canvas and i put all my lipglosses, keys and other small items in a make up bag. I hate stuff rolling around in the bottom.
  5. Hi, Uma. I have a large orange ostrich-print purseket that I keep in my canvas (and rocabar) GPT. It is perfect! Here is a pic that I took a while back of the inside of my rocabar GPT with the purseket in it.

    I carry the 35cm canvas GPT on my shoulder all the time (I use it once a week as an airplane carry on) but not the 30cm leather GPT. My brown bolduc GPT is lamb leather and my vermillon tohu bohu GPT is swift. I have totally fallen in love with swift leather!
  6. thanks ninja and joy
  7. I'm always one to go for leather but I hsve to say the canvas garden Parties are very durable and will be well worth your investment.
  8. An SA once told me that the canvas can't get wet. That made the GP sound totally impractical. Have you found that to be true?
  9. My craftsman said coloured Garden Parties cannot be washed. The dye will come off.
  10. While I wouldn't wash a GPT, I know that HG's GPT survived a serious rainstorm and is no worse for wear. So, I think a little rain would be ok.