Decision on Birkin

What should I do???

  • Buy Birkin...

  • Hold out for something I really want and buy agenda in the meantime...

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Oct 23, 2005
South Florida
I agree with what everyone has said so far about waiting until you find the exact bag you want before spending that kind of money on something you're not that excited about. I'd wait until you're able to get the bag you really want - it'll be worth passing this one up :biggrin:

My agenda vote is for the lime green. I love green! :love:


Nov 14, 2005
Steeler Town
Irissy said:
Yes and besides, "learning" to love a handbag is quite painful.

so that isn't the only one who has to learn to love the handbag sometimes. It is really hard, especially when you could have used your money for something else but you can't return's like being in an arranged marriage. you have an appreciation, and you may learn to love but you always wonder what could have been out there..:sick:


Jan 17, 2006
Irissy said:
I think for that large amount of money, you should get the birkin you REALLY want. Not buy it just because you're under SA pressure and it sounds like you don't even like the size and the horse hair (shriver). The SA was probably trying to taunt you into giving in. Don't worry, your time will come when you walk in and see your birkin dream bag. Remember, you should LOVE the bag instead of having any slight doubt for a bag that's over $10K. :lol: So hold out for something you really want.

Ok, it's 4am for me here. I really need to go to sleep and get a life. lol
I agree 100%!...for that amount of moolah, you should love it without any doubts.
Go to sleep Irissy....:lol: it's 4:50am here, but I have a good excuse I have stomach ache :huh: .


Feb 24, 2006
1 need to go shopping with MY shopping buddy. She tells me every bag I look at is 'totally impractical'. LOL! Yep, everything but a basic Tod's tote (which I already have) is 'totally impractical'. She would SHOUT that about a huge, horsehair, travel-sized Birkin!

Just keep saying that to yourself and wait for the perfect Hermes...


Jan 17, 2006
Noriko, I think you should wait. That Birkin sounds less than perfect from the way you're describing it, and you should wait for the one you really want! The day will come!

Haha, I am just like your shopping buddy...whenever a friend and I go out, I tell her to buy everything she looks at! "Shu, isn't that pretty?" "Yeah, I think you should get it."...EVERY TIME. But my shopping buddies are the other way around: "NO! You are not allowed to get anything!"

P.S.: I happen to like lime green so I vote for that one! I don't really like ostrich leather like the rest of you though. I look at it and I feel the pain the ostrich went through when people pulled out their feathers. Yikes!


En Vogue
Sep 13, 2005
i agree. this is way too much money to shell out for a bag you're not sure about. it's not just the size OR the color, it's the size AND the color you don't like. wait for the one that takes your breath away. besides, that's what ther brikin's all about - waiting :smile:
it makes it so much more special ;)


Dec 13, 2005
Noriko, IMO you need to love the Birkin otherwise you'll still always pine for one that you like better. Gotta love it or wait longer. I know it's very tempting. I'd be tempted too, but if it is not the size you really want or the material I say hold off. That's my two cents. Let us know what you decide.

gigi leung

Feb 14, 2006
Noriko, 40cm Birkin is not an ideal size for everyday use...better suited for travel IMO. The best sizes for Birkin are 30cm & 35cm. Maybe that explain why it's sitting on the shelf :huh:

For that amount of money, I'd say wait for one that you REALLY like!


Dec 20, 2005
Noriko, Def wait until you get the bag you trully love for the kind of money you will spend. I know it's hard to be in your position when you wanted something really bad and you have to wait indefinitely (sp), but I wouldn't recommend you to buy the birkin you don't trully love.

The ostrich agenda sounds really nice for right now..:P


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
SF Bay Area
I agree with pretty much everyone here. Wait until it's exactly what you want. :amuse: For that much of money, it should be perfect! Didn't you tell me that about my defective paddy?

I think it's getting to be that you want a Birkin so much that you're trying to rationalize even getting one in a color and material you're not too crazy about because it's available. Don't do that. I think you'll regret it if you did. Your Birkin is out there! Don't settle for one you're not too crazy about!

gigi leung

Feb 14, 2006
BalenciagaLove said:
I think it's getting to be that you want a Birkin so much that you're trying to rationalize even getting one in a color and material you're not too crazy about because it's available. Don't do that. I think you'll regret it if you did. Your Birkin is out there! Don't settle for one you're not too crazy about!
I totally second that.

It's too much money for a remorseful buy & you'll kick youself real hard when you find the perfect Birkin...


Jan 25, 2006
I think the HERMES should be a classy timeless bag and horsehair is only in right now. You might regret it when you spend so much money and won't want to wear it in a few seasons. Wait for a different one.


Feb 4, 2006
United States
If you really, really want a Birkin, I say wait for one you will love. Just buying one to have one is not enough...especially for the money. Get on the waitlist or just keep watching, you will find it eventually. The great thing about the Birkin is that it will never go out of style, so there will always be choices. Horsehair sounds gross, and would probably shed or look bad after a while.


Sep 13, 2005
Thanks everyone! The lime green agenda in ostrich is sounding good to me too! Hopefully its still there :biggrin:

You guys are right, the horsehair does sound gross and does not have long term likability. I think I will just hold off on it until I find the birkin of my dreams, or at least a birkin that is more acceptable in size and materials used. I was just trying to jump the gun out of total desperation :lol: I suppose it'll come someday~! Since its luck of the draw I'll just tell myself it'll be sooner rather than later. I've been going in a lot more frequently so the chances are greater! :biggrin:

BalenciagaLove, I did tell you that about your paddy :biggrin: I guess its hard to practice what we preach sometimes! :Push:
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