Decision on Birkin

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What should I do???

  1. Buy Birkin...

  2. Hold out for something I really want and buy agenda in the meantime...

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  1. Well, it FINALLY happened...I walk into Hermes and there it is...A BIRKIN! Just sitting there nicely waiting for me to buy...however...and doesnt there always seem like theres a however:lol: It was a 40cm (HUGE) plus it was leather and horse hair...there was a huge panel of horse hair spanning from front to back. Kind of hard to explain. The rest of the bag was a beautiful taupe...but the size and the materials were off.

    My shopping buddy is giving me a LOT of crap about walking away without it...and since we were the last people to leave the store, it would pretty much be there if I went early in the morning to camp out for it.

    My question is...should I just settle for that one because its a birkin...or should I hold out for something I really want? He said that I might not see another one in 5 years, which is really dramatic...but what if hes right! Its been eating away at me ever since I left the boutique. Someone please talk some sense into me!

    At least point I can either wait it out and in the meantime buy a nice agenda or something from there...or buy the birkin and possibly regret it, especially if I go in there and see a more acceptable size etc. I've been waiting for one for so long, it just seems a shame to let the moment pass me by. I just feel for that kind of money I should get something I'll love for years. Thoughts?

    btw, if I do end up getting the agenda (and it looks like I will)...should I get the lime green ostrich, or the cyclamen? I like the lime, but I really want a birkin with cyclamen piping so I figure if my dream comes true I'll have the agenda to match :lol:
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  2. I think for that large amount of money, you should get the birkin you REALLY want. Not buy it just because you're under SA pressure and it sounds like you don't even like the size and the horse hair (shriver). The SA was probably trying to taunt you into giving in. Don't worry, your time will come when you walk in and see your birkin dream bag. Remember, you should LOVE the bag instead of having any slight doubt for a bag that's over $10K. :lol: So hold out for something you really want.

    Ok, it's 4am for me here. I really need to go to sleep and get a life. lol
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  3. hehe it wasn't the SA, it was my shopping buddy :biggrin: The SA was actually trying to urge me not to get it and wait for something I really want, while my friend was standing there pushing me to buy it...some friend right!:lol: :Push:
  4. Oh, oops... Ha ha your shopping buddy is quite funny! :lol:
  5. ^^^hes a character...all the way home he was singing "bye bye birkin" and telling me that I've been talking about it for so long, why don't I just get it despite the horse hair and the size :lol: He said that I can just get another one in a few months...but what I'm worried about is seeing the one I DO want next month lol.
  6. GIRL! For that amount of money you BETTER get the bag that you truly and I mean TRULY! want. This is an investment, you would not put your money into stocks knowing the next day there going to plumet. So don't purchase a bag that you won't like, because GOD forbid you want to return it, OH THE HORROR!
  7. ^^^:lol: yeah thats true! I guess what I was thinking was that I could LEARN to like it eventually. Or that just having a birkin would satisfy me...but the 40cm is so heavy!!! I don't think I could use it as an everyday. My SA said its more of a travel bag, and that he wouldnt even recommend using it as an office bag because of the way the horse hair is, it might get screwed up and they wouldn't be able to fix that particular panel :sad: Just didn't feel like a good buy all around.

    You're right though, I wouldnt put money into stocks I knew were going to fall :lol:
  8. I would wait until you find the one you absolutely cannot live without! No doubts-you HAVE to have the bag.For the money alone you should wait until you are head over heels in love with it. Don't settle for less!!! It's a timeless bag that you will be looking at for a long time....
  9. Yes and besides, "learning" to love a handbag is quite painful.
  10. I'd love to see the bag... it doesn't sound so bad to me, from your description.
    But, it's true -- what everybody says above is correct. It's not even about the money (though obviously that is a consideration), it's more about what you would use and whether something is 'you' or not.
  11. PS I forgot to say -- I vote for the lime green agenda!
  12. It is about whats "me" :biggrin: I dont think the horse hair birkin was for me at all. I would have rather had a bi-color or even a blue jean...I'd have considered the horse hair more if it were a smaller size. Even a 35cm might have put it in the running :biggrin:

    The lime green ostrich agenda is sooo cute! I just wish they had it in the cyclamen ostrich...but the lime would sure stand out!

    Good point:lol: :Push:
  13. I love lime green!
    And I don't think it would clash too much with your Birken, when you find the one you want (fingers crossed for you), all of those colours look very pretty together and suit one another.
    Maybe they will end up making a cyclamen ostrich by the time you need a replacement?
  14. ^^^hehe maybe, or maybe they make one now :biggrin: They were just out of stock or something. I'm going to get the planner sometime this week, so I'll probably call my SA and see if that color combo does exist and if its possible to get it in. I think that would be beautiful! Although the lime green ostrich seems like a good choice as well. I just love ostrich!
  15. Love ostrich too!
    Yes. Best to find out if your ideal colour combo. exists first.
    Either way, it'll be very nice -- I like both colours that you are considering!
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