Decision of a lifetime (Ok...well a year, at least!)

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  1. Cristina so kindly sent me the Aloha Rag PDF of the balenciagas they had in stock...and I thought to myself "If they have the classique in ink or caramel..i'm going for it" Lo and behold...I open it and the classique in ink is the first bag I see :nuts: I just read on the AR website that they don't charge tax OR shipping...should I go for it?? :wacko: I have been trying to subdue my want for a Balenciaga for about 4 months now...and it just has NOT gone away!!

    Basically, should I just go for it? I LOVE the ink color, but I'm also impartial to the caramel bc I have yet to own a caramel colored bag. What would be more practical - ink or caramel? To buy or not to buy?! At least this is the biggest problem of the day... :shame:
  2. Oh believe me the subduing of your wants will NEVER go away! They only get worse. I say go for it you wont be sorry. Let us know!! Oh yes, as far as color, I say Ink for sure. It is so georgeous! You can find a carmel color bag anywhere. Once Bbag make these certain colors by season, they never come back. Go for it!
  3. If you've been thinking about it for 4 months now, I think it's time to buy. I agree with ranskimmie that the ink is more unique as there are many camel-colored bags out there.
  4. Go for the color you want :biggrin: I'd say the ink though. Treat yourself! btw I'll make sure not to buy that one if I go to AR today lol.
  5. I'm getting the ink Andrea! Go for it!!! I saw the Ink color in person and it's beautiful! It's dark purple but on different light it could be dark blue and at night it looks black. Goodluck!
  6. I have the weekender in ink..beautiful. I hate to say this but, it's a more "practical" :Push: color....easily goes with everything.
  7. Does the ink have more distressing than the other colors (ie. light pink, cornflower blue)? How does it change over time?
  8. If you've been pining for one for some time I think you should get it while it is available. Either color will go with most things. Let us know what you decide.
  9. I have the ink and the white. I don't notice more distressing than the others, but I think it's more bag specific. I've had it for about 5 months now though, so it's hard to say.

    I really need to stop visiting the Balenciaga forum because every time I see someone's bag, my heart stops and I want another one!!!!
  10. My vote is for ink!
  11. The ink is an awesome color - I have seen it in person and depending on where the light hits, it can look black, navy or purple!

    The only problem with ordering from AR is that some of the bags this season are much more distressed than others and it may be good to be able to pick your bag in person so you get the perfect leather.
  12. Ok...I definitely decided that Ink is the color, but now I am waivering on the style! I have always leaned towards the First (classique)...but I also like it in the Box style. Which do you guys prefer?
  13. i'm putting in my vote in = INK!
  14. Well, you ladies have officially rubbed off on me! I just placed my order with NM for the city in ink! And now, I want pink and bluet too!
  15. I have the Box and love it! I think you can fit more in it than the First.