Decision!! Nikki or Love Me??????

  1. So I'm deciding about whether to get the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki in Night Blue or the Belen Echandia Love Me in crash pewter.

    Any thoughts?????

    I like both and think a metallic bag would liven up my black wardrobe...but then, I've heard that the leather is so smooshy on the Nikki......

    Or neither! Do I need another bag?????!!!!!!!!

    (I'd post a poll, but don't know how the hell to do it!!!)
  2. How important is a bag's weight to you? The night blue Nikki is quite a bit lighter than the Love Me. I recently sold a Love Me because it was a bit too big and heavy for me and am finding the Nikki extremely comfortable.

    Also, do you prefer very slouchy unstructured bags or ones with some structure? The Nikki in this leather is very slouchy. I think the pewter Love Me will also get quite slouchy with time but is till more structured (and has three separate compartments for organization).

    It might be helpful to consider what type of bag would be more useful for you. I think the Love Me would be better for work or travel but also could be carried casually if you like big bags. I would consider the Nikki in night blue with the gold studs to be more of a casual bag that also could be worn out at night.
  3. Thanks Chris. That's helpful advice!
  4. That's a tough call. I have the LM and love it, but, more for weekends and travel. It gets too heavy when I was wearing everyday for weeks. And then, when I took all my stuff out of it because of the weight, I felt silly walking around town with this huge bag and nothing in it!!!! LOL

    So, my vote is yes, definetely at some point buy a LM. I think everyone should have one. But, I would use it for travel mostly. Hope I helped!
  5. Also, if you want a BE metallic, I think I would consider the mottled gold. I tried the pewter LM for the same reasons as you described. I wanted something to just liven up my neutral/conservative wardrobe. But, the pewter was almost like a mirror IMO. Jackie even had mentioned the pewter's mirror effects to me before I purchased, but thought to try it anyway given the rave reviews on this forum.

    When I inquired about the mottled gold, she told me it's definetely not as loud as the pewter and doesn't scream as much that I'm a "metallic" handbag. That's the color that I would think about.
  6. Mottled gold.....hmmmm......someone posted a pic here of mottled gold. Pretty.

    I suppose I'll have a better idea once I get my LM tomorrow. I do like the pewter though!

    Oh and Chris....I don't like bags that are overly heavy, but then I don't carry my entire life in my bag. Tough call....and I've heard so many good things about the Nikki. Damn!
  7. well, contessa the nikki is very light! i think you should go for it :smile:
  8. Maybe order the Nikki from somewhere with a good return policy (like Luna Boston) to see if you love it. If not you could get the Love Me, which would be harder to return if you get it from London.
  9. Have you thought about how you're going to use this bag? The Nikki looks like it would be a nice everyday bag, lighter and better for when you don't need to carry tons of stuff with you. It' really pretty.

    I love the LM but it can be tough as an everyday bag on some days. Other days, it's the perfect companion--that's why I'm interested in the mini LM, so I can havet the same style in different sizes.

    Maybe the Nikki would be better if you're looking for variety. It really just depends on how you intend to use the bag. Have you given it much thought? Have you received your new LM yet to get a better idea?
  10. Contessa, "neither" is not an option! :p Nor is it ever about need, hehe.

    I am not personally familiar with BE bags (though I know you and many others here love them), but as you know the RM night blue leather is amazing. Are you planning to get both? If so post pics here and I'm sure we can all pitch in with our $0.02!
  11. i don't personally love the nikk bag. to me it looks like a typical slouch bag but i guess you have to see it in person. i love love love the morning after mini with gold leaf(?) it is gorgeous but in general i don't think her designs are up to par with other designers HELLO!!! balenciaga!!!