Decision: Muscade VS Choco Paddy

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  1. I like both muscade and choco paddy but I can only pick either one of them and it will be my first and only Chole for a couple of years. I wear black & red clothes quite often and I'm not a fan of jeans. I always wear dresses. Which one will you pick? :shrugs: Any opinion will be much apprepriated. Thanks!:yahoo:
    6hsa10_6h422_168_01.jpg mini%20pad%201752.GIF
  2. I think the 05 and 06 choco paddy's have better leather than the 06 muscade bags. If you could get a whiskey I would recommend that color.

    Otherwise, I say choco: it goes with everything!
  3. Well, I love my new Muscade and think the leather is TDF. What do you think?:
    Ricks Farewell 055 (Small).jpg chloe nutmeg 002 (Small).jpg
  4. I love Muscade AND Chocolate equally :push:

    But IMO Muscade is a more casual, vintage sort of colour whereas Chocolate is richer and perhaps smarter. Just my opinion - depends how you will use the bag and with what outfit although you can't go wrong with either :heart:
  5. Love your Muscade thelace - the leather looks amazing! :heart:
  6. I love every shade of brown but I have a muscade Paddington and I love it more then others!! If you want I think it goes almost with everything!!
  7. I have to vote chocolate! it is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thank you Balchlfen. I was very fortunate to buy it from a PFer on eBay. Lovely lady she is and was as excited for me and pleased that it had gone to a good home! :yahoo:

    It has pride of place, next to me on the sofa where I can keep looking at it! My other bags have to sit on the floor, but this one is just too special :yes:

    I have yet to take her out 'properly' (just a quick nip to the shops so far). Have to confess, am a bit nervous about it. Nuts, I know. :wacko:
  9. Truly yummy!! :nuts:

    Great find!!!

  10. The muscade is really nice but I do adooooore my choco, it's just so rich, deep and yummy, right now I wear it every other day, hubby is wondering why I went from "lightweighed Bal to those heavy bags"...;)But even he loves the bag and color way more than my Bal's :p
    DSCN4081.jpg DSCN4082.jpg
  11. I vote for the chocolat!!!
  12. I personally prefer the Muscade colour. For some reason to me, the Muscade leather just sets off the hardware nicer than the Chocolate does. And Muscade is next on my purchase list :smile:
  13. I'm torn, I love both!!! Choccie wins with me though....but I prefer darker bags so it depends...