decision making time....please help

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  1. Okay, I am going to boston in only about 2-3 weeks and need to make up my mind on the luggage I will is the dillema....taiga (peagse + garment cover) and nomade keepall, or all these items in monogram???!!!??

    monogram-everyone notices its lv, but I don't know if I could stomache standing around the luggage thing at the airport 5 times a year and getting looks as they come around, I know people like us would be impressed, but I'm afraid others would think it was conspicuous consumption......

    nomade and taiga- very nice classic pieces that would be admired for craftsmanship, but only 1 out of 200 people would know they were lv because of the subtlty (not a word) of the pieces!

    please help me with suggesions...etc TIA:confused1:
  2. no one??
  3. EM.. it really depends on where u travel to .. I personally thinks the taiga is extremely pretty , subtle with nice craftsmanship.... !! Nomade.. I think is way too heavy for a keepall.. unless u travel with porter ...
  4. Mono, my bf & I ever had some Taiga pieces and frankly, it's easily to peel off, we decided to resell all of our Taiga pieces. They were almost city bags and messanger, not luggage, then you could imagine how it'd be if it's for luggage?? I can't use it without feel scary to damage it.
  5. I usually travel to New York Once, Florida Once, and then to the islands like Bahmas and there is really nothing specific, if they made an azur pegase I would probably get those just because they are tropical, but they aren't very masculine.
  6. Try Mono Pegase, ooh I can't recall the official name of PEgase which is the style almost similiar with Mono Bosphore, is it Bosphore Pegase?? If so, it won't look to masculine :smile:
  7. sounds like you have doubts about monogram....what do you think of damier?
  8. you know I have considered it, I have my resservations about the leather handles on the damier, I have felt some pieces that feel a bit rubbery...But I do like the squares.;)

    SO now there is three options that I could see myself carrying.

    OMG MY BRAIN!!! I really need to see them all in person I really hope that the LV in Boston will have all of these pieces so I can really get a feel for them....but I would really like to narrow it down just because I don't want them to need to bring everything out for me.

    What are other peoples thousghts, or shameless plug about why you like one more than the other.:smile:
  9. How about damier geant canvas? like mine?
  10. wow, I like damier geant :smile: do you find it's easily to get dirt?
  11. Not really, its pretty durable... but Im sure the pipings will get dirty over time though that doesnt bother me.
  12. i likey the look of the damier geant :p

  13. ditto, i think I will look at the taiga and geant, I think the monogram is more reserved for the females....but I'll never say never I'm very spontaneous and I could come home with a full monogram set....LOL
  14. so your finaly choice is for Damier Geant ;) post us your pics with your new travel bag