Decision made!

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  1. As some of you know I purchased the new Willis in Pink Scarlet, and as I love the color, the bag just doesnt work for me :shucks: so I decided to send her back and I ordered the Isabelle in Persimmon as her replacement. I know it's a different color choice, but I've been wanting an orange-ish bag for years now, and the style of Isabelle just seems more me. I cant wait to get her in!

  2. I bought a persimmon large wristlet last year and loooove her!!! The color is gorgeous and great for the fall. I've never tried on an Isabelle but it looks like it would work nice as a shoulder bag and a practical size. Hope you love her!
  3. Thanks luvbags, I really am excited to see her.
  4. I have the Lindsey in this color, and she is perfect for fall!
    Here she is last October helping me pick out pumpkins - I think you will find the color goes with a lot. Enjoy your new bag!

  5. I have the sophia in persimmon and I love it!! I'm not an orange person but I couldn't resist this colour. It is my one and only orange bag and I'd never give it up!

    Congrats on your Isabelle! I love the style and I'm waiting for it to appear in patent crimson :smile:
  6. I love this pic more and more every time you post it for reference!!! Should be used in a coach ad!
  7. You will love the Isabelle!! Do a reveal when you get it!
  8. Thanks and hopefully your wish comes true.

    I totally agree

    Thanks and I'll definitely do a reveal when I get her
  9. I think you made a good choice. I have the persimmon in the Sophia and the color is very, very beautiful.
  10. thanks! heading back today for some apples (craving apple crisp)...I am going to try and take a pic with my emerald duffle by the mums!:P
  11. I think you made a great choice, Bevie. Persimmon is such a nice color, and I think it will look amazing on Isabelle.
  12. [​IMG]

    Here's mine. Believe me, you will loooooove her!
  13. I LOVE mine. That color is gorgeous!
  14. Congrats on your Isabelle! The leather is wonderful on them & the persimmon is gorgeous for fall!

    What a beautiful picture!
  15. Beautiful!!