Decision made!

  1. Here's what I ended up with. Maybe against my better judgment because I know the blue Hamptons Weekend tote is SO versatile, but really, I've never had a fun bag like this and I wear a lot of brightly colored tank tops that match the stripes, as well as a lot of white. That and I think this bag stands out so much, I couldn't resist. I've never had a fun bag like this, mine are all either brown or black and very practical (since I sold my multi-stripe demi).

    I never buy many deletes-- last time I bought two, and this time just this one, I didn't get the scarf or anything (thought I DO have the watercolor ponytail scarf to match this).

    If I get a check today like I think I do, I might go back and get the blue (I keep hearing Court in my head "go with the blue, the watercolor is so high school" and I KNOW you're right, girl)!! ROFL. Maybe I'm trying to regain my college years back with the Watercolor... I'm only 24 after all... ah well, I think it's very pretty and I'm quite pleased with her. I'll post modeling pics later! :yes:
    acdd_1.JPG ae0c_1.JPG 79bd_1.JPG
  2. :yes:Nice choice!
  3. :yahoo: She is beautiful!!!

    Watercolor is sooooo cute though-- even if it is a little teeny-bopper! :yes:

    If I didn't TEACH at a high school-- I would have gotten that bag! :supacool:
  4. Its a cute and fun bag young or not Im sure you will enjoy her quite a bit :graucho:
  5. I love the watercolor line. The colors are yummy! Enjoy your fun summer bag!!
  6. Congrats -- it's cute!
  7. great choice! you'll love this bag! :smile:
  8. It's very pretty! :smile:
  9. Congrats. I agree it's a fun bag - is it the large or small?
  10. I like this bag and i think you made a good choice. You'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it.

    It is a little young looking, but last week I saw a woman in her 60's carrying it and it looked really nice, fresh, and summery on her.
  11. Very cute. I think that I will regret not getting that bag. It will be great with bright tanks.
  12. Its very cute!! Great choice......Have fun! Love the colors.
  13. It's the large, Graberg :yes: it looks so cute on my desk. I'm gonna carry it for a few days so it won't be lonely, then it's back to the Legacy... I kind of already miss her :shame: :blush:
  14. I think it's really cute.. and the main thing is that YOU are happy, because YOU are the one that will wear it.. if only I could take my own advice!! :roflmfao: As far as the age thing, you ARE young, and you only live once.. and I think if that's the worst thing you do is get a fun, colorful bag.. then bring it on girlfriend!! Enjoy it!!!!
  15. It's cute and summery! Like you said, you're only 24, hello, enjoy it while you can still get away with it!! :yes: