Decision what! Charlotte return.


May 6, 2006
2 now I have decided to return the Blue Jean Epsom to the store - but here is the catch.

I know that they do not issue returns per se but store credit - I actually had my friend who lives in Charlotte (I only live 2 hours away) purchase the bag for me and I reimbursed her with cash. Do you think I can call and talk to an SA send the bag back myself - explain the situation - send the original receipt and do an exchange and pay for the difference myself? or do I need to send the bag back to my friend and ask her to do the exchange for me?

Or do I need to come up with some sort of story that my "sister in law" got the bag for me for Xmas and I don't love it and would like to exchange for another bag...and pay the difference. I know Charlotte has been strict on non-shipping of bags - but perhaps for an exchange they will make an exception - thoughts from the wise wise??
Perhaps the best thing to do is explain the situation to an SA or the store manager and see what they say. But I say there's no need to make up a story, just politely explain the situation. I'm sure they'll be more than willing to cooperate! Pls. keep us updated!!!
Well, I would say you received it as a Christmas gift. It keeps it simpler and let them know you live two hours away etc. and you want to exchange for another bag. They can't dispute a gift and you are not doing anything illegal. I feel this way it will all run a bit more smooth.

Glad you made a decision and good luck!
I wonder if they will even tell me what they have in the back room over the phone...sigh. I think talking to a manager is the best thing. Of course, I don't want to get my friend "banned" from the store.

Or do I just need to get my sorry butt in the car today - cut out of work early and make the 4 hour round trip trek to Charlotte to explain in person??
I don't think your friend will get "banned" for doing a good deed, but to make things easier, perhaps you don't have to explain the "whole" story. I would talk to someone on the phone first, in particular the manager before I make that 4 hour trek to Charlotte. Perhaps they can work something out for you. It wouldn't hurt to call.
oh yea...and one more thing - I just looked closer at the receipt - and her name is not even on the receipt - just the CC number - wonder if I even need to go into the whole explaination - or just see if I can exchange for another bag.
I would call on the phone and speak with the manager. I would say it was a Christmas gift/let her know you live 2 hrs away and that you needed to call versus coming in. (that will explain the other person's credit card # on the receipt). I would then say you would like to exchange this bag for another. Let the manager then begin to speak...and possibly say...what are you looking for? This is what we can do etc.

Do not go into a whole gets too sticky. Why wreck future transactions in which your friend can help you?

That is what I would do. If it does not go smooth then you will need to drive there.
You also have every right to bring the bag back and get a credit or store exchange. Rules are a bit more flexible during this time of year. At worse, your friend will have to meet you there (and you have to make that drive) and then the transaction can me done. BUT...IMO that is ridiculous and I can't believe the boutique would make you do that. You have the receipt and proof it was purchased there. It would be tacky and in poor taste to make the presenter/buyer come in. YUCK!!!
Yes, ask for the kind...tell her your received a beautiful gift from someone, but it is just not meeting "your tastes" or whatever terminology you want to use. TELL HER YOU LIVE 2 hours away, so it is a bit of a trip. See how she will work it out with you. AT least if you drive you will have worked everything out on the phone FIRST!!!! Tell her you want to select a bag more appropriate for you. Make sure you have a reason why you don't love the bag if she asks. DON'T FUMBLE!!!! what about something like this:

"May I speak to the manager? Hello my name is xxx and I live in xxx - for Christmas I received a beatiful bag from my dear friend that was purchased at your store. Although I love the color - the leather texture is not right for me. I would like to exchange it for another Birkin and hoprfully you have some in store. I am also happy to pay any difference in price myself. Since I live about 2 hours away - I would love to be able to do this over the phone...and I can ship the bag via fedex to your attention."