**DECISION MADE FOR JILL!!!its Aruba!!!!**

  1. :heart: Thanks to all of you that helped me decide what to do for my bday weekend coming up.Thankfully you talked me OUT of Cancun.......LOL.....NOW I just FINALLY booked myself a very expensive but worthwhile weekend in ARUBA.the hotel has its very own private adults only island...LOL...I shall vegitate and tan in peace and quiet!!!!I leave March 9th..VERY EXCITED..so thanks again to all of you who helped me decide this week!!!!!!
    I need this little vacation bad..heehee.....and NO..there are no Chanel/Prada stores on this island..rofl....I may go into slight withdrawal....
  2. Wear sunblock!! And drink a lot and come here and post funny stuff.
  3. Swim with dolphins!
  4. ^ROFL..TOTALLY.......
    ME...beach....alcohol.....:angel: :party:
  5. Oooh, have fun :smile: What I wouldn't do to get myself away from the snow now .. :smile:
  6. Oh have a great holiday, I wish!
  7. How exciiting!! Congrats!! Private island, huh? Have fun, Jill!!:party: :party:
  8. HAVE FUN!!!:party:
  9. Jill that sounds like a blast and you deserve it!!! (Wish I could have made it :sad:)

    You will get tan and away from this awful weather- uuber jealous!
  10. Congrats! That is awesome! Aruba is probably my favorite island. ENJOY!

  11. NExt time..youll come with me Megs!!!!
    That would be a blast!!!!!!
  12. ^ I'll be there :party: :supacool:

    This time you will have a blast though too!!!
  13. Use plenty of sunscreen girl !! :beach: You don't want to get burned and ruin your vacation being in pain !!!!:lecture: :supacool:
  14. Have a great time. Sounds like it will be an awesome trip.