Decision keeping me awake at night!

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  1. OK maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but choosing between two bags can be such a HUGE decision to make!
    I am looking to get my first large classic Chanel that can be an every day bag. I am stuck between a 2.55 Chevron So Black in Medium and a CF Caviar Jumbo Double Flap with SHW.

    I love the soft leather of the 2.55 and how unique and understated it looks. It is a bit shorter than I like for crossbody though but if I am in a pinch I wouldn't hesitate to make it crossbody.

    On the other hand, the CF is great for crossbody and just screams Chanel! It is true it's heavy but I rarely go anywhere that requires me wearing a bag for an extended period of time (I drive to work).

    I truly love both bags considering how different they are. Both being the same price doesn't help sway me either haha. Can any of you help me with the pros and cons of each bag and any opinions on them? They'd be super appreciated!
    I currently only own a Mini in lambskin with GHW.
  2. 1467552906034.jpg 1467552911191.jpg
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  3. 1467552957539.jpg 1467552966166.jpg
  4. 1467553171844.jpg 1467553186037.jpg
  5. I personally prefer the CF, but both look cute.
  6. I love the more edgy look of the 2.55. I might be biased as I have this bag; although I went for the 227 size because I wanted to use it as an everyday bag that can hold just that bit more then just the bare essentials. Another reason to maybe go for the 2.55 is that this is a seasonal design, the jumbo will always be available.
  7. I prefer the CF on you
  8. I prefer the Jumbo CF on you. Good luck deciding!
  9. CF.
  10. I think they both look great on you! Sometimes when I can't decide I like to imagine finding out that one has sold out and then I know if I can live without it or if I should get it :smile:
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  11. If you can have only one, CF. If you can have more than one, get reissue for now.
  12. Good advice
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  13. You can't go wrong with either one. I personally prefer the looks of the CF on you. :smile:
  14. +1
  15. I love the Jumbo CF on you. Can you let us know your height for the mod shots? Thanks
    Let us know which one you choose