Decision Help: Heritage Calfskin Rocco


Jul 21, 2011
Somewhere that's green
Hi all. I just got this Rocco in heritage calfskin and I need some help deciding whether to keep it or send it back.

On the one hand the calfskin grain is gorgeous and it does seem like the most durable Rocco I've ever seen. On the other, it's a hair more orange than I was expecting (almost pumpkin in natural light). More bothersome though is that it too shiny. It's like there's a painted on layer of color that makes it almost look fake. It's sort of like the coating they put on new Bals and I don't like it.

I like Chloe bags so I like neutrals and love calfskin so even though the color isn't what I was expecting I'm good on those counts. Not sure I can live with the sheen, though. If it's like the Bal coating it may wear off after use (but obviously if I use it to find out I can't send it back).

Does anyone have a calfskin Rocco or Rockie? If so can you tell me if they get less shiny over time?

What does everyone think? Should I keep it or return?


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