DECISION: good things come to those who wait..??


What to do?

  1. Cornflower twiggy - it's worth the risk!

  2. Bleu Glacier - it's the next best thing.

  3. Wait it out with Aloharag - next season's awesome!

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  1. HELP ME....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked:

    I've been DYING for a cornflower twiggy since FOREVER (well, since i sold my cornflower box:p) as some of you would know. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that colour and style...!!!

    BUT :crybaby: here goes...

    as you know, it's a discontinued colour, so i can't get it anywhere else other than here or eBay.

    problem: i CAN get one.. but the price would be above retail... it'd be roughly around the $1200 mark (i live in canada), and most likely it wouldn't be brand new.. the things is.. i would MUCH rather have the bag brand new, or from a tPFer(u guys are waayyy more reliable), than taking a risk with a semi used bag. and given that it's above retail, plus the used factor, and the shipping charges, and customs charges... is it really worth it?

    with that price, should i just WAIT, go with aloharag for a brand new bag, free shipping and all, risk free, no customs charge? what if i don't like the new season's colours? :crybaby:plus i'd really like to be able to bring my bag back home(to malaysia) this holidays (on the 29th).

    OR should i just go with the Bleu Glacier from aloharag since it's 'similair' to the cornflower? note i'm a college student i won't be able to splurge in YEARS...

    sorry long post but i'm seriously confused... :confused1::sad:

    PS: i've also gotten some feedback before that the cornflower leather and the colour itself that season was no good? :hrmm: could i get some more opinions on that and some enabling please!! :yes:
  2. Hey fellow Vancouverite
    I voted for the twiggy because for the kind of money we spend on these bags i think it should be one you really really love. I don't know how often cornflower twiggys become available but I think I've seen a few on eBay.

    Also, i haven't yet purchased a bag from Aloharag but are you sure there is no duty? I'm surprised a company like that would assume the risk and ship it as a gift. On the other hand, all the bags I've purchased from eBay have been legit (mostly owned by Pfers though) and have been lucky to have had them shipped USPS Express with a declared low value to avoid duty. This really seems to work because they can track it at every step and they don't seem to go crazy at customs like they do with UPS/Fedex.

    But whatever you decide i think you'll be okay because they're both really cute colors! Good luck
  3. Yep, the lovely folks at Aloha Rag are great about marking a lower value and they ship 3-day delivery to Canada! I think they mark a third value so I've only ever ended up paying about $50.
    I think Cornflower was like Blueberry in that it did tend towards dryness and thinness on some bags but not all. You'd really have to see the prospective bag before making your decision, I unless a fabulous Cornflower Twiggy pops up that's exactly what you want, I say wait it out and save the extra charges:smile:
  4. I voted new Bleu Glacier!! I like it better than Cornflower...but only YOU can decide which color you love more. There aren't any light blues next season are there? I guess that's why I think it's between the Cornflower & the Bleu Glacier.
  5. I voted wait - the next season i awesome... An ocean Twiggy should be worth the wait ;) I know it is different, but it looks YUMMIE!!!
  6. I say get the cornflower now because it sounds to me like she's your HG! You'll love her!

    Yes, next season is awesome, but you should wait for that because some people will finally get the bags they have waited for and won't be happy. Then they'll come up on ebay at lower prices.

    I would always go for your dream colour now, as it won't be around forever!
  7. :yes:absolutely sure! i bought my blueberry day from them and i didin't have to pay a single cent! ;)
  8. Well, two choices : 1) if you really like the cornflower twiggy which is now available on ebay, then go for it if you don't mind it's above the retail price (pls make sure it's in mint condition at least you don't feel that you are payin a lousy condition bag for that price).

    2) if not, i will rather wait for the new 07 seasons bbag if you see incoralblue's thread on this, the colors are fabulous...u may find something that you like from there!!
  9. I think it sounds like you really want the Cornflower Orinoco and, from my own experience, whenever I really want something but buy the next best thing, I always find myself wanting what I wanted initially anyways...:shame:

    So, in case the seller on ebay has 100% positive, longstanding feedback and responds to your questions directly and quickly and is willing to send you additional pics via email, I think you should go for it:yes:
  10. Go get that Cornflower!!! It is TDF!!! :yes:
  11. Have you checked around to see if anyone has any brand new Cornflower twiggys left? I just got a brand new Cornflower first from BalNY a couple of weeks ago. I would definitely call them to see if they have any left.
  12. I voted for Blue Glacier. I had cornflower and sold it. The color just didn't go well w/ all of my denim. It just wasn't right for me. I would have gotten BG if I didn't buy a Sky Blue twiggy. The BG is the PERFECT blue (my opinion anyway)
  13. There's a cornflower twiggy on ebay now...
  14. oh wow... getting twiggy and 'waiting' going head to head! :wtf:
  15. I'd get the cornflower blue if its what you really love. I've compromised a few times but I will not rest till I buy the bag I love so in the end I actually spend MORE money because I bought a compromising bag as well as the bag I wanted if it poped up!
    Def goign for what you love is a money saver IMO :biggrin: goodluck!